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High Sticking Point in Squat


Does anyone have an idea why my sticking point in the squat is high, we're talking about 6 incehs to lockout, i blast out of the bottom (ass to grass not like squat1000!) and then get trapped on the way up and end up almost goodmorning the last part. We're talking about weights about 180kg but it starts to creep in at about 160kg.

Any ideas


Sounds like lack of vastus lateralis strength.


So narrow stance squats to bring it up?


are you intentional driving your hips FORWARD? just think NeilG is naked and behind you, horny as a hill billy, those hips will go forawrd at a rate of knots and the lockout will be achieved


how bout adding chains or bands while doing box squats?


Getting my bands v soon so will start to work on those. but the image of a naked dude trying to make lurve will def get my hips moving forward!!

cheers for the advice



Could be all kinds of things...sounds like you're getting rolled forward...

If you're sitting back properly then there's a good chance you need to strengthen your arch when squatting (all kinds of lower, middle, upper back work). Check Dave Tate's articles for more info.


If you have access to a safety squat bar, give it a try. I got mine on tuesday, and my shoulders are appreciating the break from the regular bar.
You'll find due to the high bar placement you will have to work your middle and lower erectors harder to complete the lift. It just might be the ticket for this case.


Sorry about the sjort reply but i wasn't in work for very long the otherday.

Wierd thing is I unloaded down to 60 kg and did some good mornings and then worked up to 100kg with no probs apart from a little rounding of the lower back (need to work on the lower back would seem the obvious one) but I performed the lifts after a clean based session so maye my "pelvis power" was pooped to shift my hips forward? Gonna try some band work soon and concentrate on driving backwards instead of up.

cheers for the support and ideas