High Squats Part 2

Hey guys a while back I posted on here about having trouble with my squat depth. I posted this video- - YouTube

After some insults and some advice from you guys I took a good while to fix my problem. I lowered the weight, got rid of my ego and started stretching, foam rolling, pause squatting and many others things to improve my depth so I can compete in a full power meet. Now yesterday I made a 30lb pr at my first full meet. Thank you every for the advice that was given to me so long ago. Appreciate it. a 370 squat. I’m 230 and am 18 years old.

Wow. Phenomenal improvement. Great work and congratulations.

Thanks man. Turned out pretty much everything in my legs were extremely tight. I’m hoping to hit 430 by April or May.

Good work, seems like you are on the right direction and have a good attitude. That will take you far.

Good work,Wanna share best strecthing movements?

[quote]Jussi.U wrote:
Good work,Wanna share best strecthing movements?[/quote]

Yeah man. Really all I did was foam roll my glutes, hamstrings focusing on the upper area where they tie in with the glutes, and stretched my calves a good bit. Not sure what it’s called, but you have one foot back and you kinda lunge, while keeping the heel of your back foot on the ground. That one help tremendously. I also just did a butterfly stretch to get the groin more flexible. Whenever I would do my hamstring stretch I would use a band of towel to grab onto my foot to get a better stretch. Ontop of all that, I paused squats using light weight as part of my squat warm-up.


[quote]arramzy wrote:
Wow. Phenomenal improvement. Great work and congratulations.[/quote]

x2. I didn’t see the first thread, but the difference between the 2 videos is night and day.