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High SHGB and Every day or every Other day Injections

I have been doing some looking and not come up with anything definitive… I have a shgb in the 60s to 70s. I am doing 200 mg of test cyp divided into two doses a week of 100 each sub q. I am noticing a dip the day before my injections. Noticeable dip… can I even this out with more frequent injections or will my shgb prevent this or will it improve and stay the same for effectiveness and prevent the dip?

You are sensitive to these fluctuations between injections and need to move to an EOD protocol which will remove this dip in levels and will go unnoticed once your hormone levels are more steady. I also feel a dip on the third day after an injection and must inject at least EOD to fully benefit from TRT, however my SHBG is the the other end of the spectrum.

There are many other high SHBG men injecting daily and doing just fine, TRT is one of those hormonal therapies where everyone will respond differently. I think you’ll do fine on an EOD protocol, only it is more to remember and you can set seven different alarms on your smartphone to repeat every 14 days.

An EOD protocol would be -> Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and back to Monday.

Or you could make it easier and inject daily.

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@systemlord. I did my regular injection tonight per usual but starting Sunday I believe I will try EOD. I am about…8 weeks in? Pretty normal and for two weeks I have been really able to notice the drop in energy and mood the starting the day before… Hopefully this levels it out.