High SHBG - Normal Testosterone

I’m suffering all the classic symptoms of low testosterone. I’ve been messed around by GPs for 6 months now so would really appreciate some independant input. Here are my lab results;

Total Testosterone (03/2013) - 13.1 nmol. [ref. range; 8.8 - 36.7]

Total Testosterone (07/2013) - 23.4 nmol. [ref. range; 8.8 - 36.7]

Free Testosterone - 5.55 pg/ml - [ref. range; 8.8 - 27]

SHBG - 77 nmol - [ref. range; 20 - 60]

Cortisol, Folate, Thyriod Stimulating Hormone, Free Thyroxine, Free T3, Follicle Stim. Hormone, Luteinising Hormone, Prolactin, Growth Hormone, B12 - were all within normal range.

When I asked my GP about SHBG, he said it was a problem but he didn’t know what could be done about it. I asked if it may implicate high estrogen inhibiting testosterone, he said maybe but he’d have to ask the lab if I was eligible for estrogen testing.

My knowledge of the mechanisms of SHBG is limited, but a cursory Google search brings up the drug Proviron (Mesterolone) as being used to reduce it. I want to learn about the implications of this, what causes high SHBG, and whether bringing it down may help my issues with libido and fatigue. I have never had any TRT. Thanks.

Please list all labs… ESP the thyroid labs…

Eligible for E2 testing? Why wouldn’t you be?

Read the Advice for new guys sticky

If you hAve diabetes or thyroid problems or cushings why not try and normalize whatever the issue is instead of jumping right to the drug.

Because the tests are paid for by the National Health Service, so if they don’t believe there’s a reason they won’t test. (Every GP I’ve seen think the problem is psychological)

Here are the full lab results;

Free Testosterone - 5.55 pg/ml - [reference range 8.8 - 27]
25 OH Vitamin D - 55 nmol/L - [reference range 50 - 200]
Folate (serum - 15.1 ug/L - [reference range 4.6 - 18.7]
Thyriod Stimulating Hormone - 1.55 mIU/L - [reference range 0.27 - 4.2]
Free Thyroxine - 16.7 pmol/l - [reference range 12 - 22]
Free T3 3.2 pmol/L - [reference range 3.1 - 6.8]
Follicle Stim. Hormone 5.1 IU/L - [reference range 1.5 - 12.4]
Luteinising Hormone - 2.6 IU/L - [reference range 1.7 - 8.6]
Prolactin - 117 mIU/L - [reference range 86 - 324]
Cortisol - 141 nmol/l - [reference range 171 - 536]
Growth Hormone - 0.6 ug/L - [reference range 0 - 0.8]
Vitamin B12 - 71.6 pmol/L - [reference range 25.1 - 165]

ACTH needs to be tested and has to be covered…

When were these labs taken? 8 am and fasting?

You have a problem in the adrenals.

I suggest a 4 point cortisol test.

Also c peptide, insulin, glucose, A1c

Also check rt3 is you can in anyway…

Ft3 is getting low with this and the cortisol levels we can assume rt3 is a problem and sir you must feel like crap??

I don’t think you have a huge testosterone problem.

Your estrogen is high causing free test to be low and shbg doesn’t help the free either.
Can they test bioavailible where your from?

Shbg is a tricky subject but you may find that your adrenal/ possible thyroid issues are the culprit.

Where are you from?

I also had high SHBG (62). The Dr. moved my T levels close to the top of the range and my SHBG came down as he said it would. (Higher T lowers SHBG) The high total T level and mid range SHBG gave me a big boost in Free T. So far I don’t seem to need an AI but you do want to keep an eye on the E2. E2 is a critical part of TRT. If you get you T levels fixed but your E2 is too high (or low) you will feel like shit. You can order your own blood tests on LEF.org and they are not too expensive.

Good luck.



I see you had a similar issue as me. My TT is within range however due to high SHBG(no known cause) FT is very low. TRT is what doc is gearing towards but finding mixed signals about exogenous T lowering SHBG.