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High SHBG Means Very Low Estrogen?

Just looking for some knowledge. My SHBG was in the 60’s on the LabCorp scale and when I had my initial consult my E2 was 30 LabCorp range. The doctor said with your SHBG your E2 is actually very low and my free t was low. He prescribed me an AI but instructed me unless I experience symptoms to not use it and doubted with a high SHBG if I would ever need it ? Is this true with regards to SHBG ?

Your doctor is an idiot, please find a new doctor ASAP, just not in managed healthcare because few doctors understand hormonal problems. Your estrogen is average and normal, SHBG is high and is why Free T is low.

The anti-aging and sports medicine doctors are the type you should be seeking out. Your TRT protocol should focus on frequent injections, ED or EOD or be prepared to deal with estrogen excess since yours is already sufficiently elevated which will change once testosterone is doubled or tripled.

They had me on 80mg every 3.5 days with no AI. I have not noticed any E2 sides so far with this protocol.

Your E2 was low because you weren’t making enough testosterone to convert into E2, the levels usually run together in proportion. The low Total T (total androgen really) causes high SHBG. The SHBG (usually) goes down over time if you bring your androgen levels up.

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