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High SHBG/Low Free T. Planning Blast & Cruise

Hi guys and thanks for reading,

I ve read a lot on the internet and it might be here I ve learned the most, so I decided to ask you for advices.
I ll try to keep it short and simple :

I ve turned 27 last month, Im 5’5 142lbs 12%
I m lifting 4 times a week for few years now, eating very healthy, no alcohol or any drugs, but I dont really looks like I lift !
I m always tired, I sleep bad and wake up exhausted, no libido…

I got some blood works done last year, my total T is high, but my SHBG is very high so my free T is very low, below “lowest normal value”

my doctor send me to an endocrinologist,
This one agree there s a problem but they dont know how to fix it,
Moreover he can’t /doesnt want to put me on trt because in France free t doesn’t count and doesn’t need to be dosed… only total t worth it, even if he agrees with me it’s totally dumb.

I ve tried lot of things to low the shbg but it’s expensive and ineffective (meditation, herbal, EPS, stinging needle root…)

I m going to go on my own on TRT and ask him, at least, to check my health via bloodworks during the year.

My question is, I was thinking of doing Blast and Cruise, where cruise would be the TRT dosages and Blast some other anabolic compounds.

Whats ur opinions on this dosages ?

Cruise : Test E or Cyp 200mg 1/week

Blast : Should I keep Test at 200mg or rise it ?
Was thinking of 500-700mg of primobolan or 200mg deca + 50-100mg anavar ?

For the anti aromatase / protection, I would need some help, do I need something during both phases (Nolva, tamoxi, anastrozole, arimidex…)?

Thanks for ur advices

So there are a number of schools of thought on blast and cruise. If you want to avoid using an AI, and you have access to genuine Primo (and can afford it) then you could make some amazing, slow, realistic gains with a trt dose of test and 500+ primo. That’s kind of the dream blast scenario for a lot of guys. But it’s prohibitively expensive in many cases. If you can afford it then that’s your winner. Low side effects, generally safer than a lot of other compounds over the long term, and predictable results.

As for trt I would suggest you start lower than 200mg. Some guys need that much, others do well with as little as half that. You’ll want to spend a few months dialing that in and getting blood work to see where you are. Plus you’ll want time to monitor how you feel, respond, etc. Maybe start at 120/w and see how that goes. Keep in mind that it’s all very individual and each person responds a little bit differently.


Thanks for ur reply,

So I’ll start with 100 or 125mg /week (depend if it’s 200mg/ml or 250mg/ml)

Which protection would you recommend ?
I ve read I do not need to take it at start but wait for pre side effects or bloodworks, you agree ?

Yeah I ve read that primobolan is the most counterfeited drug, hiw long can I run it at 500mg+ with test ? Do I need to rise test ?

Thanks in advance,

For fertility, which hcg protocol is best ? 2x250ui/ week ? 3x250ui /21 days… ?

You may not need an AI at all. I wouldn’t start taking it until you know you need it, either through blood work or very obvious side effects. Some guys don’t need any on 500mg/w. I need it on my trt protocol. We’re all a little different, so you’ll have to listen to your body.

Primo is counterfeited, but I think the stories are blown out of proportion. There are good labs and bad labs. The bad ones go out of business faster now because there’s simply so much information out there and it’s hard to hide the truth.

I use HCg at 500iu twice a week. You can probably get away with 250. Evidently we desensitize to it after a while, but I’ve never read deeply into that subject, so i cant speak with authority.