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High SHBG, High TSH

I think it’s a multitude of factors or a combination of low protein, high veggie intake especially in older men.

My liver is fine now, last 2 years liver enzymes is fine
Last lab test:
Ast 24 (11-38)
Alt 39 (12-49)
Ggt 34 (11-55)
Before 2 years I have elevated liver enzymes - after long term treatment with rifaximin - antibiotic ( digestion issue - sibo) …
I eat a lot of vegetables because chronic constipation(maybe too much fiber) protein intake about 100g daily (chicken breast and fish mostly) , I don’t eat dairy products because digestive problems , but I consume a lot of olive oil -
Now i see that oleic acid raises shbg levels:

Yes TSH is quite high but my endocrinologist refuses to treat my slow thyroid…for him this TSH levels is normal.
I really think that TRT it’s not for me , because my sensivity. I just wake up and my joints hurt like hell … How to lower my estradiol , with arimidex ultra small dose or with something else?..or just wait…
I don’t trust my doc anymore…i feel miserable!!! My first step - lower my estradiol levels because I feel miserable!

@anon10035199 you say high igf1- low shbg.
How to raise igf1 ? With resveratrol , high protein intake or something stronger …
HGH 0.5 (<7. 41) - really low
IGF-1 15.7 (7.4-31.3)

You just need a new doctor, you may over respond to the AI and just need to lower the dosage. Do you understand the consequences of low testosterone? Apparently I over-respond as well on only .125mg, took less than a day to crash E2.

You want to raise IGF-1, peptides will increase IGF-1 and growth hormone levels. I start my first shot tonight of ipamorelin.

Consequences are heart disease, cardiovascular disease, dementia and alzheimer’s for starters.

Yes I understand the consequences of low testosterone…I will order order custom compounded doses of Arimidex…next time I will be more careful!!! And new doc of course!
How high is your shbg levels?
And what do you think about sarms specifically MK677 instead peptides (ipamorelin)? …I ask because I have MK677 in liquid form(oral) but I’ve never taken it…in fact mk677 is not a sarm -is a GH secretagogue that’s related more to peptides like GHRP-6.

got the lab test finally. And I’m schocked.
My test levels:
Testosterone 25.58 nmol/l (8.64-29.0)
Free test 33.56 (33.8-106)
Same levels as before my first shot.
All test from my first shot is aromatized in estrogen…I definitely have high aromatase activity…

My SHBG is between 16-18, low SHBG men have a ton of free testosterone so that’s what I target. I over-responded to the .125 AI yesterday.

You may have caused some damage to your liver that presents as increased SHBG, from the long term antibiotic.

You are messing with an AI with that high of an SHBG? Mistake. Joints are hurting now? STOP THE AI.

See how your TT is decently high, but your Free is so low? That also means your E2 is low.

Free testosterone is aromatized into E2. You don’t have much free test, and your taking an AI.

after this lab test (same test levels ,sky rocket E2) what do you think? .125mg Arimidex without test every three day? or try with weaker AI - suplements like DIM. What do you think about MK677 - i’ts worth a try (IGF1-shbg connection)?

Are you overweight?

No , I’m underweight , almost zero fat . weight 75kg (165lb) , height 189cm (6,2).

alphagunner mine e2 is not low , it’s huge - now- E2 411 pmol/l (94-223)!!!
Testosterone 25.58 nmol/l (8.64-29.0)
Free test 33.56 (33.8-106)
before test:
1.testosterone 27.28 (8.64-29.0)
2.free testosteron 27.43 (33.8-106)
3.E2- 128 nmol/l (94-223)
Ast 24 (11-38)
Alt 39 (12-49)
Ggt 34 (11-55)

I am not 100% sure how it works, but you may be lowering your “free e2” too much.

Joint pain is never a symptom of HIGH estrogen.

Common symptoms of Estrogen Dominance : Anxiety, irritability, anger, agitation, Cramps, heavy bleeding, prolonged bleeding, clots, Water retention/weight gain, bloating, breast tenderness, lumpiness, enlargement, fibrocystic breasts, mood swings, depression, weepiness, headaches/migraines, food cravings, sweet cravings, chocolate cravings, Muscle pains, joint pains, back pain, acne, foggy thinking, memory difficulties, fat gain, especially in abdomen, hips and thighs, cold hands and feet (i.e., stressed adrenals), blood sugar instability, Insulin Resistance/syndrome X, irregular periods, decrease sex drive, Gall bladder problems, infertility, insomnia, osteoporosis, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, uterine fibroids, cervical dysplasia (abnormal cells on PAP smear), allergic tendencies, autoimmune disorder, breast-uterine-cervical-ovarian cancer.

I’ve been thinking about free E2 recently but there is not much out there about it compared to free T.

So if I have above range SHBG and mid range E2 could I have low free E2 causing symptoms? Or does it not work the same way as with testosterone?

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I believe that is basically it.

I feel like even though my e2 comes back as 30, on standard test, I still have low Free e2 because of high SHBG. Anytime I take anything that affects E2, I feel it in my joints.

I think I have such low free e2, that any fluctuation sends it temporarily too low.

I try not to mess with it at all for this reason.

You think free e2, isn’t than higher e2 is beneficial because high shbg? I don’t understand this connection…mine e2 levels is huge , you think free e2 is low , shbg is high…why is testosterone lower than…this is really fucked up
How to lower e2 without affecting free e2 than? This is impossible with high shbg…boost t without androgen (t shots) and lowers estrogen with natural remedies?

You need to do some reading on the side man. This isn’t easy by any means.

I can try and guide you with the knowledge I do have, but you also have to figure some things out through your own research and trial and error.

Thanks alphagunner…
What to do now!? - I don’t know:)…I’m lost completely like a thirsty man in desert!!!

Results of in vitro experiments indicate that with increasing concentrations of SHBG, testosterone (T) is preferentially bound to SHBG in comparison with estradiol (E2). In these studies, the ratio of non-SHBG-bound E2 (non-SHBG-E2) to non-SHBG-T increased with increasing levels of SHBG.

Just a general comment … you mentioned a prescription for Proviron. I will assume that you are not in the USA, which might mean you can’t get the sensitive Estradiol test. I have noticed a strong difference between the results of the test – and if I am in the USA – I will only get the sensitive test, as it provides a much better result (as @systemlord mentioned).

I have been experimenting with Proviron … and will update my thread in the next few days. It is here: