High SHBG, High Testosterone

Helo guys im 36 and i need some serious help here as ive been to many doctors and cant get any benefits…
Ive been off cycles 5 years now and never took any trt and i have loss of libido and ED
Ive done my blood test 2 days ago as i started sprinting and i felt my nipples like i have high estrogen so my blood test came like this

Test - 787 ng/dl (280-800) Was 580 5 month ago
Estradiol - 24.45 pg/ml (13.5-59.5)
Prolactine - 15.36 ng/ml (4.1-18.4)
Shbg - 103 nmol/l (14.5-48.4) was 65
Free test. - 73.9 pg/ml. (26.2 - 167)

Its weird i have puffy nipple on the left side only and my estradiol looks fine. Please any help is much allreciated

Any help pleasee

Gyno is triggered when hormones are out of balance, Free T is somewhat low and estrogen isn’t. Also note lab testing shows where your levels are in those few hours, not where they have been or where they are going, so if you Free T decreases and estrogen increases…

You need to seek competent care from a private specialists, not managed healthcare.

Problem is no doctor have solved my problem so i decided to do my own reasearch. My question beside i have puffy nipples is can i lower my shbg woth any med or herb that is effective without going on trt?

May be fat tissue/ naturally hold chest fat?

You have already passed the point of no return, manipulating your SHBG down to an acceptable level will never happen.

The only thing that has a chance at solving your problem is high dose TRT.

Are you on Keto? Intermittent fasting?



No i dont have fat my % is 16 its just a small bump in the left nipple… was not there a month ago befor i started sprinting

Im fasting now from 11 night time untill 12 midday no medication nothing and im not eatinf any meat or chiken due to fasting just organic grains and veggies
Just wondering is that a must that i go on trt when my total t is above 700

Give this video a watch The doc makes several suggestion on how he lowers ones SHGB.
You will need to listen carefully because this video is no really about SHGB.
I hope that helps.

That was really something helpfull to start with thank you hrdlvn. Dr jhon mention danazol 50mg. This is not available i.ln out country is there any substitute for it?

I honestly don’t know. I alway though there was no way to take something(other than large doses of T) an your SHGB would drop enough to make a difference.