High SHBG. Full Blood Results, Help

6 years of fatigue, low sex drive and misery. Frequent urination, depression, bad sleep, extreme morning fatigue etc etc. Test has always been at least mid range. Finally I find my shbg is off the scale high and I have low free test. I understand that high shbg makes your total testosterone appear higher on a blood test, What I don’t understand:

  1. If free test is low why is my body not pumping out LH and FSH? Does it not ‘monitor’ free test and the SHBG ruins the feedback mechanism?

  2. Does lowish FSH mean good fertility? I had bilateral undescended testes which suggests I should be primary hypo and infertile.

  3. Why is my shbg so high? I appear otherwise healthy but fairly low in range cortisol in my last saliva tests.

  4. Are my balls infact working ok but there is a fault somewhere else in my body?

  5. I have trialled 12.5mcg of t3 for a few days before this blood test. I read hyperthyroid can cause high shbg but I doubt that’s the case from a few days at such a low dosage?

Help would be REALLy appreciated as I feel I’m within touching distance of the truth and the solution now! Thanks

Your pituitary is putting up much of a fight, it’s taking this fight lying down and it’s not responding the way a healthy HPTA should be.

Not everyone has fantastic genes. SHBG is made in the liver and if you don’t treat you liver well be eating healthy non processed foods, it will work against you.

Are you on Keto? Intermittent Fasting?
Do you or have you ever taken medications (benzos, opiods, BP meds)
Accutane, or finasteride?

No history of drugs except one cycle of steroids.
Don’t drink or smoke. My diet isn’t the best. I have a high calorie requirement so eat a fair bit of crap, but my blood work iterms of cholesterol and triglycerides is perfect so I’m not sure if that could be the cause?
Should also add i have an autoimmune condition (vitiligo) but I’m not sure if it’s relevant.

T3 can increase SHBG. Mine went from 80 to 95 after 6 days of T3 10mcg

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Thyroid meds for sure increase it.

I think an autoimmune disease might play a role. Not 100%. It also has to do with inflammation. Leaky gut possibly?

TRT will help.

L-glutamine is supposed to help with leaky gut. Even if leaky gut isn’t a problem it is supposed to help the body fight inflammation along with some other health benefits.

I think I will just trial self administered trt. Fed up of feeling like this and I should know in 6 weeks if it’s working. I’ll use test prop so it works faster. Even if my SHBG raised a small amount in the last few days of t3, it wouldn’t be enough to bring my free testosterone much above the bottom of the range. The ironic thing is I always thought I would be primary hypo due to my medical history and slightly undersized testes. But instead it’s the high SHBG that appears to be the cause of my issues.

High SHBG sucks, I have adjusted a lot of my lifestyle to help keep it lower.

is there a way to lower shbg? any reason why its high? mine is at 57-78 and i dont know why. my alt and ast are a bit high but not much

There is a little list after the OP. You can check that out, see if any of that is you.

TRT lowers it some. And then just watching the risk factors.

none of this applies :confused: never tried if or keto. i eat 380 ish carbs daily lol

Magnesium and zinc supplements are reported to lower SHBG.

i started magnesium but i feel the same. havent done labs yet. zinc makes me tired af

I’ve tried magnesium. Let’s be honest when you are barely functional, supplements aren’t going to change your life. I was wondering if I could have Klinefelters as I have many symptoms but was expecting to see high FSH if that was the case.

Danazol appears to be effective. Only to be used with TRT though as it’s suppressive. I just started TRT + Danazol 2 days ago. Will get bloodwork done in 6 weeks and post results on my thread

Genetic testing to confirm Klinefelter.

Did you get more labs?


Complete metabolic panel ( that checks liver too and glucose)
Lipid panel
Thyroid panel
Am cortisol

I mean you are guessing what you have.

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It sounds like you already have your plan in mind.

I will give you a heads up though…with a high SHBG, you’re going to need a high starting dose to make a difference, and then you’re going to start fucking with your E2. I hate to say it man but you’re a roller coaster ride waiting to happen.

That really depends on if you’re willing to be patient and allow something to stabilize and see. There have been people, and still are every day that completely turn their life around by just changing a few eating habits. If you’re looking for a quick fix then you’re exactly right, but drugs are just going to make it worse in the long run if you can’t be patient enough to let things go slow and stabilize.

No offense here man…I’m just trying to be straight up honest.

Why would you assume that he would automatically start messing with his E2?

Not sure where this even came from.

Because the higher the dose of test, the more risk you take of E2 levels spiking. I thought this was common knowledge here? If I’m wrong I apologize.

The roller coaster ride is the atypical E2 spike, AI regimen, E2 crash…wash rinse and repeat.