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High SHBG But Normal Test

Hi dbossa.

Presumably you don’t live in the UK?

Rob’s standard protocol was twice weekly Enanthate IM plus HCG.
He’s now switched to daily Sustanon Sub Q plus HCG - he feels that a daily injection is more representative of the body’s natural production.

He never advocates the use of an AI and does everything to avoid prescribing them.

He is conservative in his dosing, i will agree, however, this is the UK.
TRT is extremely difficult to come by and his policies are sensible as the UK is so much more restrictive than the US.

Hi Roadie

I’m really confused by this. My Test was 29 with a range of 10 - 30 and SHBG at 95 (I was 42 when I went to him). He was happy to treat me. I had exactly the same symptoms as you.
I also have Hypothyroidism, but your Thyroid looks pretty good. (Would be interesting to know what your RT3 is).
I’m sure once you are on a decent TRT protocol your issues will resolve, like many of mine have.

If Rob Stevens wont treat you, have you looked at BalanceMyHormones?


That video’s pretty funny - I think Rob would very much like to be an Alpha Male!!

@banjoplayer I have no idea. But I’ve been declined treatment and told to go back to my GP.

I’ve even asked him to write to my GP (offered to pay), explaining about SHBG and to have another look at my thyroid and liver again.

God knows why he won’t entertain helping me. Perhaps he’s under scrutiny from prescribing bodies and has to be within certain guidelines that I don’t fall into.

I’ve emailed Dr Savage and had no reply back either.

Inhavent tried balance my hormones no. Id prefer to be directly in contact with my prescribing physician than theough an intermediary

Try the guys at Balance My Hormones

Two things wrong here that demonstrates his lack of understanding and why he declined to debate me on the YouTube channel:

  1. He has a standard protocol. Every man will require a different protocol based on a multitude of variables so a standard protocol demonstrates ignorance.

  2. He’s trying to represent the body’s natural production. No! We want to resolve symptoms which is why his patients are leaving in droves because he’s obsessed with lab numbers.

Bonus 3) He does indeed prescribe exemestane to manage estrogen because he doesn’t have a clue as to the difference between estradiol and environmental estrogens.

To avoid at all costs.

Anyone know who balance my hormones use as a prescribing dr? I’d rather deal directly with my dr than an intermediary company. Have the Dr work with my GP so the NHS has a handle on my hematocrit etc

He does have a standard protocol - he starts everyone on the same dose 100mg per week and then retest bloods after a number of weeks, then goes from there.
I believe that he has to tread very very carefully in the UK.

Trust me, he is far better than the endocrinologists that I have encountered, with regards TRT.

I think the first objective for anyone with issues in the UK, is to get on TRT, then you look at refining it.

The fact that we are talking about a handful of Doctors that entertain TRT, highlights the enormous issue over here.

@roadie you could also go and see Dr Harpal Baines at the Harpal Clinic in London.
Expensive and as per usual, you will have to pay for the mandatory blood tests, regardless of the paperwork you currently have. She will look thoroughly at your thyroid too and is forward thinking with regards to RT3 etc.

FWIW I wouldn’t touch an AI. I think you just need to be dialed in on the correct dose of Test.
(I imagine that their are some exceptions to this rule, but they are few and far between).

They use a number of them. You have to go through them specifically as they keep the docs confidential.

Starting everyone at 100 is ridiculous. Getting everyone on HCG is equally as ridiculous. Prescribing exemestane to over half his patients is the cherry on the sundae. I have drowned this guy in papers and he was completely unable to contest any of it and only insisted that the way he does is the correct way. Meanwhile you should see how many of his patients message me to ask what other alternatives there are. When I get great reviews from guys I let everyone know. When I get extremely poor reviews from guys I also let everyone know.

dbossa are you based in the UK?

I’m confused - are you a qualified Doctor operating a TRT clinic?
If not, (without in any way meaning to be rude), what is your profession with respect to TRT?

Personally, I don’t agree with the one size fits all approach. This is easy for me to say, though, as I’m not regulated and don’t make money from TRT. I’m simply a layman that has high SHBG and have read more than most on this particular element.

How do guys that have been with Rob come to you and get prescriptions etc? (advice, I understand)

I’m not in the UK. I’m in Canada.

I’m not a doctor. I work closely with a YouTube channel called TRT and Hormone Optimization that has over 1.6 million views and 17.5k subscribers. I’ve interviewed over a dozen physicians around the world. I have a large network of physicians that I deal with on a daily basis as well as a Facebook group with almost 6K members where I, as well as these physicians, are helping people out on a daily basis. I’ve also done consulting with physicians to bring them up to speed on the current best practices of TRT. I have no clinic nor do I have any financial interests in it of any kind.

Guys don’t come to me for prescriptions. They come to me asking why they are still symptomatic (it’s usually always the same reasons). They also ask me if I can find someone to help them. Good UK docs are virtually non-existent. I do deal with some docs that have offered to do telemed for them as long as they can find a place that will honor the prescription.

Danny- what reason is that?

I’d be interested in one of these physicians you’ve mentioned!

The guy is afraid of testosterone! Claims that anything higher than mid-range normal levels are dangerous, cause stroke, heat attack, etc. etc. He’s a moron. I haven’t met anyone that uses him who is dialed in. This is why that clinic is struggling. Pure cookie cutter protocols… the very thing the rest of us laugh at. That is NOT a doctor.

I meant why people are still symptomatic? You said there’s usually the same reason?

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