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High SHBG and Low Free T. How to Lower SHBG?

Hi All,

Im a 43 year old Male and I recently discovered I have high SHBG and as a result below normal Free Testosterone. My results are as follows:

Total Testosterone: 738.8 ng/dl (range: 249 - 836)
SHBG: 77.36* nmol/L (range: 14.5 - 48.4)
Free Test: 32.96* % (range: 33.8 - 106%)

My basic liver function test are normal. I was on a Keto diet some time ago but I have stopped that and Im back to eating carbs. I dont have alot of animal protein except for Low fat millk and egg whites.

Im not on any type of testosterone injections or TRT or HRT.

The supplements I’m on are:
1.Muscle tech Alpha Test (Tribulus, fenugreek, Boron…etc)
2.Stinging nettle root
3. Ksm 66 Aswagangha
4. Tongkat Ali
5. ZMA

Please help me lower my SHBG so I can build some muscle and have a normal libido. If you need to know something else about what I’m doing please let me know.

Thank you very much…


Proviron works well I believe

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Thanks. Will check it out.

Probably should get estradiol checked as well. When I tried proviron (same issues w SHBG and low FT as you) it seemed to make me worse. In hindsight I believe it was because my e2 was already low before taking proviron.

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I had checked estradiol and it seems to be normal as below:

Estradiol 18 (range: 11 - 44 pg/mL)

Okay to try proviron ?

I’d say give it a go, but I think that is on the low side E2 wise.

Hopefully some more knowledgeable people respond and either confirm or tell me I’m an idiot, haha

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High (er) SHBG guy here, did my own TRT for 10 years, and when things didn’t work out cause by then i did not know that my SHBG was the problem, i tried a lot of stuff…proviron would raise libido i heard, well Lucky me, on holiday in creece and that shit was 3.45 euro a box, and no problem to buy it…so took a shitload of this stuff together with HCG…cheap as fuck aswell…around 4.50 euro, and took it for a couple of months without any results.
Cant say for certain that it doesn’t work cause i did not had any bloodwork, but noticed nothing. Best if you read all the logs from folks who strugle with high SHBG, and read all you can online, SHBG is mainly a marker that there could be something wrong with things like your liver…so you need to check this out before messing around. Your numbers are high but there are others here that overrule the both of us…so read, read and read till your brain is overloaded, and then seek medical help, i’ve been on that road for 10 years with screwing around on my own, and now i’m currently waiting for my next shot at help, not from med care, but from a hormone specialist. Med care sucks and this will be clear when you find all the others who been on that road. Goodluck

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Hi there. Proviron (mesterolone) works! 20days 50 mg per day and did the blood test. Shbg in the normal range (40s).

However my total test (371) is low with resulted in low free test. So now I’m planning to restart some test boosters. And if that does not work will look into andriol testocaps 40mg or nebido.

Anyway. Thanks informing me about proviron.


Proviron is an androgen, but a different form than Testosterones like Enanthate or Cypionate. It is a “weak” androgen. You are talking about something related to heavy oral steroids. The presence of a lot of androgn in your system will lower SHBG, because SHBG is the way your body stores testosterone and other androgens when you are persistently low. You should absolutely have your liver checked before trying it. An E2 of 18 IS LOW. Taking a non-aromatizing androgen like proviron is like taking a weak version of Anavar. It can, and probably will, lower that E2 even further.Know what you are playing with.


Thanks for responding. I guess I still have a lot to learn but my point is to get in a normal range in terms of free test and hopefully slightly higher than normal which would allow for the benefits including some muscle mass (as much as my genetics will allow)

I don’t really understand the E2 part and how it being low affects me?

My liver test came out fine. SGPT SGOT GGT PHOS AL.

You can start with boron. Make 2-3 weeks 9mg per day, 1 week off. Some people get very good results in lowering SHBG with that.

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You’re 43. I’ve read tons of posts on this forum about high shbg. None of the guys that had this problem succesfully lower shbg ( without trt. Don’t waste your time, your life. Im at the beginning of this journey as well with good results just within 10 days of trt (shbg dropped from 61 nmol to 36). i came to the point in my life that i didnt care about libido and growing muscles any more. i just want to feel normal and do my job without contant fatigue and brainfog.

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Thanks for that. I agree with you.

In my country there only 2 products that are officially available for trt. Sustanon 250 and Nebido. What do you use ?

In my country is similar. For me both of these eaters are bad choice

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I had to order some underground staff (in Poland it’s relatively cheap and apparently it’s working what i saw in my blood tests. I tried enanthate but just ordered cyphionate). I don’t give a shit about doctors anymore cause it’s a waste of time. I’ve been learning this topic for a year. This is simple as fuck. You lack of fucking testosterone and the only way to solve it is to administrate exagenous one to your body. Of course you have to control estriadol, hematocrit, liver, and prostate and that’s it. It’s no use paying someone to prescribe you god damn testosterone.

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Yes but in most cases you cannot make all the correct judgements by yourself so you gotta consult at least initially some really knowledgeable doctor in the area. Some of them prescribe also things like pregnenolone, dhea etc to the patients who may need it. TRT is simple, but it requires years of practice and knowledge to become simple.

Also what you gonna do if you need to go abroad with this test?

I haven’t met any medical proffesional yet who had knowledge in basic aspects of my problem. We live in 21 century, the information is in the internet (i don’t think there are doctors whos knowledge is beyond of what i can find myself). My experience with doctors are bad. They don’t give a damn about how you feel, they lack of knowledge, and even if they know something they are just affraid to prescibe testosterone because there’s some kind of stigma in that matter. I would rather ask experienced bodybuilder than doctor because in my opinion this social group has better knowledge in this subject. Beside everyone’s diffrent, noone knows your body better than yourself. it’s a long hard journey and unfortunatelly I have to deal with it myself. I don’t have time and money to waste them. After the worst period in my life I just don’t trust anyone. I was almost dying, my life was falling apart and everyone thought that I’m just mentally ill. Yes I was and I still am (depression, anxiety, nervousnes) but it’s just the biochemistry of my body- noone seems to understand it.

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You have not met the right doctors. There are a few doctors in the USA that know what they are doing and are specialists in hormone optimization. If you live in other country you can make telemedicine consultation with them. But they charge expensively.

No matter how much i read I wouldnt put my health over internet knowledge that is somehow very conflicting. Even though I follow these doctors and know their general approaches I still wouldn’t start TRT on my own without consulting them. Just no compromise here.

Of course if you talk about the mainstream doctors they are garbage.

I can right away PM you a doctor who is not afraid to give you test, who will pay attention to how you feel and will wont to make you feel best. He will take a detailed look at all over your health and readings and whatever blood work you have and your glands - thyroid, pituitary you name it. Im sure he will give you better advice than the internet and the local builder. But he charges 500 dollars per hour.

You can of course proceed on your own. Many guys do it successfully. The choice is yours

I bet you can’t lol