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High SHBG All the Time


Hi guys, I introduce myself …

Man 42 years 1.72 cm and 75kg
sportsman I lift 6 days a week controlled diet 3000Kca unprocessed food.

Composition corporal:index of fat 10% accumulated in train lower little hair in lower legs twin and tibia normal beard little fat in abdomen normal eyebrows and I feel cold sometimes.
Body temperature

Tomorrow 35.9 gC

Late 36.5 gC.

Symptoms for two years:

Tiredness, back of energy libido low and much sleep all day mental confusion depresion etc.

I attach the latest analytical results.

Thank you for your time and excuse my English.


What kind of medications do you take? Meds can increase SHBG. I currently am fighting mine and will get some labs at the end of the month to see if cutting back on benzos and changing my BP medication had any effect. SHBG is made in the liver, so also if you have any liver disease, heavy drinker, this could be the case.


Hello Alphagunner

I dont take any medication, and I only had a couple of beers over the weekend and tried to raise testosterone naturally: heavy lifting, eating healthy fats, non-alcohol non-parabens, etc.
Always increasing total testosterone increases Shbg and low free testosterone and always below the ratio 1.5% of bioavailable testosterone.
You are in TRT?
What does your doctor think? Thank you.


Please post more of your lab results, not just the above.
Your posted labs are almost impossible to read, please fix or type in the results and ranges.

Thyroid labs are odd.

Body temperatures are low because fT3 is low and/or rT3 is elevated and interfering with fT3 at T3 receptors.

Are those temperatures early morning and mid-afternoon?

fT3 should be tested if available there.

Your TSH does not make sense given everything else, unless there are some thyroid nodules that are making T4 independent of TSH regulation and that is part of what hyperthyroidism is and there can be a progression over time from hypo to hyper and you might be part way there. All of that can start from long term iodine deficiency.

So where are you located. That affects how iodine is made available. Iodized salt is always good, but that must be on your table and in your cooking. Iodine in dairy or bread can run into problems with dietary restrictions or preferences.

Total T3 is low, so we can expect fT3 [untested] to be low. fT4=1.4 above mid-range so fT4–>fT3 is probably poor. Low ferritin can do that and then that would require low iron which is rare for males unless there is a blood loss which can be a bleed in the guts and there is a test for that, you cannot see it.

Explain your history of using iodized salt or what other iodine sources that you have.

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Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.


Hy Ksman
The temperatures just rise and mid afternoon.
I consume an algae supplement with iodine and ionidez Salt.
Here the laboratories.

GLUCOSA: 80 MG/DL [70-105]
ÁCIDO URICO: 3,9 MG/DL [3-7]
CREATININA: 1,1 MG-DL [0,7-1,2]
SODIO :140 MEQ/L [135-149]
POTASIO: 4,0 MEQ/L [3,5-5,5]
GOT (AST):28 [0-37]
GPT (ALT):28 [O-41]
GAMMA GT:18 [8-61]


PSA TOTAL POR ECLIA: 0,35 [ 0-4]


21,8 PG/ML [7,6-27]
TT: 6,8 NG/DL [2,49-8,36] MEN 20-49 YEARS
FT: 84,5 NG/DL [57-178,3] MEN 20-49 YEARS
SHBG 73,53 NMOL/O [16,5-55,9] MEN 20-49 YEARS


T4 TOTAL (TIROSINA):6,7 MCG/DL [5,1-14,1]
T4L TIROSINA LIBRE 1,4: NG /DL [0,9-1,7]
king regates.




Sorry but the translator dit not work well.
Temperatura tomorrow early 96,6f.
Temperatura late 97,7f.
Supplement iodine 200ug per day.
My uro prescribed Zamene 6mg (deflazacort)1 tablet per day.
I could take nettle root and vitamine D ?
How can i improved my libido and nigth erections?T
Thank you very much.


Hello again.

Did he ask me if there is some effective way of lowering the SHBG??? Or the is only option the TRT or rather someone to obtained to reduce his SHBG shot without TRT and as??

Thank you


How long have you been using deflazacort?
Why are you using deflazacort?

Your insulin sensitivity, HBA1C and glucose are excellent.

Cholesterol is getting too low, try to change diet to get near total cholesterol=180.
You can increase fats in your diet.

FT is only half of upper range 178. SHBG is reducing FT by creating more non-bioavailable SHBG+T that increases TT and then TT exaggerates your T status.

AST and ALT are good, not showing any liver problems.

It is not possible to change SHBG directly.


Thank you
Deflazacort x3meses my Auroch said to improve the libido and sexual power.
It took 1000kcal of fats in my diet of 3000kcal 33 % it suggests to raise more hundred of fat or to include fats trans.

He excuses kassman but my I understand that my e2 (17 thread estradiol) is of 21,8 and you suggest anastrozol to leave it in 22.
It is sure that I do not understand anything.

Thank you x all that clarifies us


The top of the first lab result picture Estradiol then 84.5pg/ml
Then later shows 21.8

That is the the confusion. What was ???=84.5

I have corrected my above posts.

Deflazacort 3 times per day?
How many mg’s?
Describe how this drug affects your mind and energy?


I Took 1 tablet de6mg deflazacort a day and I do not notice side effects of any type.
Would Ksman if my liver seems that this good and I have such a high SHBG which diminishes my FT at the time the only way of raising the FT and of recovering my libido etc be THE TRT truth?
Thank you.


You can try Boron to lower SHBG. 9-12 mg a day. I only felt a slight increase at first but then it diminishes.


Thank you Alphagunner.
For what I could have read a golden standard does not exist to treat the high SHBG and his consequences.

That says his Doc on the use of the TRT?, mine lamentably only thinks about broth of chicken and deflazacort that it does not serve for anything

I am starting losing hope … even to think the autoinjection.