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High School Student


Im 16 in high school and im looking to gain weight. im constantly around 145pounds and i wanna get bigger. At this body weight im as big as i can get + a shredded six pack. For most people they wanna get bigger and keep their precios abs.

But that's not a problem for me , i wanna get bigger f*** the pack. Winter is coming anyway i dont wanna just look big in a shirt with no sleeves, or no shirt. I wanna look big even in winter clothes.

I'm still learning so much everything bodybuilding, and lifting but i have the motivation. I know a whole hell of a lot more about training then food. So im looking for some T-Nation guidance.

I take a good amount of protein whey after workout weightgainer between meals and casien before bed. I do eat alot but sometimes i think i eat alot more of a lean diet than more carb and calorie diet.

I wanna bulk so someone give me some guidance what should i be eating for meals and what could i bring to eat during school days before lunch and even supplement to my lunch, and what should i eat before bed tips and shit like that.

I am really willing to take in any facts and opinions from any one with more wisdom than me on this. I know there more to just growing than being in the gym and i wanna learn all i can, so as i get older and learn i can help others, and myself.

if you would like a picture of me now to adjust what u should be eating from that let me know..


I know you know a lot about training. Nevertheless, I suggest Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength program. If you have an injury that'll prevent you from squatting, or have already done Rippetoes in the past six months, it might not be such a good idea. Otherwise, it remains highly recommended.

As for food... In the beginner's forum, there's a stickie (a thread permanently stuck to the top of the list) called 'Must Reads For Beginners' or something like that, posted by TC. Inside the thread, you will be linked to 'Training for Newbies' and 'Eating for Newbies'. As much as you know about both, I would highly recommend reading them.

Then go and read RIT Jared's thread on 'how to bulk'. It's also a sticky in the Beginner's forum (where you are now), I just can't remember the exact name for it. It's filled with tips and tricks.

Read them, come back and ask questions about what confuses you.


1 Gal whole milk/ day


For the record, I HATE this advice.

A gallon of whole milk has about 2500 kcal and 140g of protein. If you can down that by eating meat, eggs, EV Olive Oil, rice, cheese, oats, fruits, and nuts, do it. It'll be better for you. Milk is just liquid calories. There's nothing magical about it, it's just that high school students are retarded and need the convenience because they suck so badly at preparation.

That said... if you do suck at food prep, Bpeloquin is right on.


Focus more on what you consume before and during your workout to maximize what you can actually do in the gym. You already take protein afterwards, and I assume immediately afterwards, so you're already doing well. Just make sure you get enough protein throughout the day. It should be about 225 grams of protein per day. My workout prep starts two hours before I get in the gym, and it's all about eating. If you want to make big gains, you'll find a LOT of your time spent on eating, getting ready to eat, eating, shitting, and more eating.




But, no one wants osteoporosis when in University