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High School Powerlifting Club?


Well me and a few friends where talking about how one of their football coaches was talking about his highschool powerlifting team. Now I'm stronger then nearly all of the guys around my weight in sports or not, but we're a pretty pussified school. We thought it would be pretty cool to put together a little club or something if we can get support.

Just kind of curious if my numbers are good for my weight, I need more bulking up, but I gained 30 pounds last year and kind of want to widdle down to 10ish percent bodyfat and stay there.

Height 5'9"
Weight 150 pounds

Bench 155x5 (possibly higher now +5-10 pounds)
Squat 190x5
Deadlift 235x5 (not sure but possibly higher here too)

let's say may 1 rep maxes are like

bench: 185
Squat: 225

this accurateish? Are they decent numbers for my weight? they are all going up but I'm just mildly curious at what some of you experienced guys have to say about it.

Goals for this year:
Weight 175
bodyfat: 9-12%
bench 225
squat 275
deadlift: 315+

is this reasonable?


your numbers are low but thats fine, the whole weight to numbers thing is bit fine but levers has a lot to do with it also. Tall people might weight more but long arms wont allow them to bench as much. Don't be too worried about your numbers and how good they are, just keep working at it the idea of a club sounds fun good luck with it.


sounds like a good starting point to me.

getting a club together would be great. for you to compete against others will motivate you and for the other 'pussies' to see what they should be keeping up with

i wouldn't worry about throwing up numbers on this site since there are some serious serious athletes on here, progress is just the name of the game esp at the highschool level


You are in a pretty strong state for powerlifting (literally and fuguratively).

Here is the link to the WI Highschool federation: http://www.neenah.k12.wi.us/whspa/

That should give you a feel for how your numbers stack up.

In regards to starting a club, it really shouldn't require much more than a place to train and a means to get to meets.

A great resource for you would probably be the football coach you speak of. The WI program is very organized with regions set up and a pretty significant meet schedule with an annual state meet. I have helped at and attended many of their meets and I always leave pumped up about the sport.

It is definitely worth getting involved in.


thanks guys. I had thought my numbers where ok for a little 150 pounder like me but I know they can be bigger. Are my goals resonable?


The weigh class I'd want to lift in if it started this yer would be 165.Works out good I want to be 10 pounds heavier.

Damn these guys are pretty strong for highschoolers.


Maybe you shouldn't focus on a specific weight class for your first year. Focus on getting your numbers up and eating big and I think you'd be better off just going in to whatever weight class you end up in for your first year.


nothing extreme, when I did h.s. football the top guys could usually put up those types of numbers and my school wasn't even good.-seniors at least-


Our jv team consists or like 3-4 TOP ELITE athletes, the rest are either morbidly obese or in the 110-130 pound range and like 5'11"

Varsity I don't know too much but we for sure they aren't very strong either. I haven't seem an upper classmen squat lower then 45 degrees. Plus they win less than 10% of their games a year.

My school only really is known for Girl's basketball followed by guys basketball.

Honestly a lot of the people I lift around would be lost without me relaying information from T-Nation/BB.com. Thanks a ton guys.