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High School - Just Starting

Hey, I’m a highschooler. I’m 5’8 and weigh 115. I’m not gonna be vague in anyway, I wanna be huge and have a six pack. I’m just getting started and I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on my routine, diet, and anything you can think of.

Routing: (All compound exersizes are 4Set/6Rep and a 312 Tempo) (All isolation exersizes are 3Set/10Rep with 412 tempo) (there are 1 min. rest periods between everything.)

Monday: Chest/Back
Bench Press
Incline Bench Press
Dumbell Pullovers
Bent Over Rows
Wide Grip Pullups
Shoulder Shrugs

Wednesday: Legs/ Lower Back
Straigh Leg Deadlift
Calf Machinge (Isolation)
Decline Crunches

Friday: Triceps, Biceps, Shoulders
Shoulder Press
Lat Raises
Tricep Extensions
Bicep Curls
Incline Reverse Crunches

I eat 6 meals per day, and try my best to stay close to 160-180 g of protein, 50-70 f of fat, and 160-180 g of carbs. It averages about 2000 calories.

If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated!

Wednesday might be hard on your back. You might want to consider doing deads on saturdays (you would have to add this day).

Everything else looks good.

Good luck!

Oh and bump up your calories. Read massive eating or the quality mass diet to get an idea of how many you need. 2000 won’t cut it.

For the love of god, you must look like a concentration camp victim!

Definetly eat more than 2000cals. Jeez…

And your piling to much into each day. Go for something basic on this site.

If you can deadlift, Romanian Deadlift, and squat in the same day, your not going heavy enough. And the body part split isn’t best for beginners. Go upper/lower, fullbody, or push/pull/horizontal/vertical.

There is a shitload of info on this site, just read as much as you can.

Good luck with gaining some size. And remember not to stress of the minor shit like tempo and rest periods. Just fuckin lift and eat at this point. As you become more experienced you can start “fine tuning”, but you got a ways to go before you should be even think about meticulously counting tempo (not that you are).

Thanks for the tips, I’ll bump the calories up to maybe 2,800 or so. I think, since i am just begginning, i will remove deadlift all together. Thanks for the tip of changing my splits. Ill change my routinge and about 4-5 weeks and incoorperate a difference type of split. Being young, i’ve change things up so much in the path that i’d like to stick to this plan, no matter how terrible, for at least that long. THanks Again!

[quote]LilGuyBigPlans wrote:
I think, since i am just begginning, i will remove deadlift all together.[/quote]

No! Don’t do that! The deadlift is one of the best mass-building lifts you can do.

Why the hell would you stick to a plan if you know it’s bad?

Some tips: forget about tempo. Just lift the weight. Add weight to the bar whenever possible. Eat a ton, but if you start gaining too much fat, back off some. The number one most important thing is that you bust your ass every time you step into the gym.

You’ve picked some good exercises, and the sets and reps are pretty good too. However, you could improve your plan if you change when you do the exercises.

On your first day, you have incline bench after flat bench; chances are you’re not doing the most weight you could on incline. With a full body routine, you could put flat and incline on their own days:

Bent Rows
Lateral Raises

Incline bench
Pull Ups

Cleans (or SL deadlift, goodmornings, etc)
Upright rows

If the weight was easy the week before, add some reps to each set. Once that’s easy, go back to the original rep range and add 5-10 lbs, and repeat.


Seriously, your plan is too much work. Push/Pull/Lower or total body plans work best when you’re new. TRUST ME.

Here you go:

Push Day-
Barbell Bench/dumbell bench/Dips (switch between inclines, declines and flat bench)
Millitary Press (try to do em standing as much as possible. you can use dumbells or a barbell)
Triceps (preferably close-grip bench press or diamond pushups)

Pull Day-
Romanian Deadlifts (dumbell or barbell)
Chinups or Barbell/dumbell rows (pick chinups more often. screw the lat pulldown tower)
biceps (standing barbell curls or dumbell curls)

Squat/front squat
glute-ham raises or leg curls

Notes: For the love of Jesus, keep your biceps, triceps and calf work to about two sets per workout. 4 or 5 sets for the big stuff.

Do NOT go retardedly heavy. Learn the form first. Keep your reps between 12-15 and stick with as much compound free weight stuff as you can. Add weight gradually. Even one pound more is an improvement. Add more weight if you can get 15 or more reps. If you got 11 reps last week, this week aim for 12 or as many as you can.

You can add some ab-work once per week if you want. Again don’t do too much. Keep deadlift day and squat day as far apart in the week of you can manage. Two or more full days between is ideal i.e. Monday is deadlift day and friday is squat day.

Remember, abs come from diet and cardio and right now you have nothing to diet off. Don’t be too afraid of a little fat gain.

Read the following articles, they will give you what you need.

Massive Eating Reloaded, Part I

Massive Eating Reloaded, Part II

Great Program, complete with pics and instructions.
The Mutation Series

I’m sorry i know i’m a noob, but can someone explain why my plan was “too much.” And also, for the full body, isn’t that too close together for body recovery? WOn’t I overtrain?

Thanks again everyone!

Because you aren’t training to failure, you can train multiple times a week and hit the same bodyparts. Also, you’re doing something different each day or at least most days. Also, with beefed up protien and calories, you will recover better.

Ok, Thanks for all the advice everyone, I really appreciate it. I will try the full body workout for a couple of weeks and eat a lot more, and plenty of protein. I’ll aim for failure on the last rep of the last set so I don’t get to tired. Thanks and I’ll post again in a little while to say how i’m doing.

You’ll need more than a few crunch variations for your abs.
try some inner core and oblique exercises.

For more information read this article:

21st century core training