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High School Freinds

Im actually very curious about this as I just graduated high school (yesterday) and am wondering what will happen to me and my group of freinds. Bare in mind that I’ve know like these 6 kids since we were all in pre-school and have been very good freinds since.

maybe you can all take English classes together.


You guys can all have an MMMMMMM together every Friday, make it tradition, and never miss out on one

I’m 8 years out and still reasonably close to all my childhood friends that I’ve known for 20 years.

Lol @ title.

Depends…you’re a fairly small group but life changes things. People move, get married, lose touch. I’ve stayed in touch for years, lost touch, and have some fleeting contact, via facebook, or even business. One guy, we go back to third grade and I recently gave him some graphic arts work. Another guy, who I consider a brother to me, we go back to freshman year in high school…I lost contact with him for almost a decade, and found him again years ago thru his uncle and we’ve been close since. There is just no predicting these things. What you can count on is…change. Everything changes with time. But with real friendships, the passage of time without contact changes nothing.

I <3 Wormy. Oh and Holy Mac, I <3 you too.

I think the thread could’ve been finished with Wormwoods response. I had a good laugh.

It’s hard for Canadians to get the whole “I before E” thing—

Teacher: “I before E, eh? Except after C, eh?”

Student: [i]“Oh, OK, I before E eh? – F-R-I-E-A-N-D-S… Wait, that’s looks wrong, eh?”

eh sounds better than the american HUH.

Agreed. The “huh” thing doesn’t come off very well.

Why are you so worried? If you wanna stay in touch you will…are you going to college or university? If not you will have less friends…because of conflicting scheduals. if your friends go to college/uni they will wanna party on nights that theres NO WAY in hell you can because you have to get up early for work.

This in turn leaves you out of the group and you can only really hangout on weekends (fridays). If you go to college/uni different than them, you will find new friends…and you all can meet up and go out.

Seems like your worried that your gonna lose touch and your not gonna have friends and lonely or something. If your going to college or uni, I wouldn’t worry.
If not…well hope you have someone close to you lol.

[quote]attydeb2005 wrote:
Agreed. The “huh” thing doesn’t come off very well. [/quote]

Yeah drives me nuts if someone goes HUH to me…arghh. I will take the eh anyday, everyday!

[quote]WormwoodTheory wrote:
maybe you can all take English classes together.[/quote]

LMAO. Same thought I had.

But, OP, like others have said, you cannot predict it, so don’t worry about it. There were guys I was with everyday and I have no clue where they are, now. I have one buddy I talk to just about everyday who lives in the midwest now, that I knew since 4th grade. We lost contact in college and he contacted me online a few years ago and it was like we never lost a beat.

I lol @ title.
One friend I never see and rarely talk to.
Another we were closer for a while and then she turned crazy.
One moved in with his girlfriend, we still hang out all the time and even work together…wish he didn’t live or date or know his current gf though

those are the three I hanged with the most. Others I lost touch with or only see one in a while.

[quote]WormwoodTheory wrote:
maybe you can all take English classes together.[/quote]


Ever heard of a phone? Use it, great way to keep in contact with friends.

Lost touch with many, but the main group, probably about 10 of us, are still really close. Like see each other multiple times a week.