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High School Football


im a junior in high school im 6'2" 220lbs and i parallel squat 375 bench 330 and clean a weak 240 and i was wondering what i could do for a possible college for football


When i came out of high school, I was 6'1" 235pounds. I benched 365 squatted 500 and cleaned 315. I played OL. I signed with an NAIA school and i've been happy here. What you should look at is where you want to go, and be realistic with yourself. D1 ball probably isn't going to work if you play on the line. Also look at the programs and take visits to the places. Talk to your coach, and he'll probably try to help you out. He'll know more about you than I would just by reading a post with your stats.


Something else that iv found is wikid important for schools is that u gotta factor in your combine testing things like 20 yard shuttle, 40 time, standing vert, standing broad, power bench, and all the other things that they test at a combine. Also somthign real important is grades so factor all these things in and compare yourself to football players on scouting websites like rivals 100 and the rankings from other sources. I hope that was helpfull and best of luck to you and maby ill see u at some camps or somthign this summer if your in the New England area.


The name of the game is speed--especially if you play defense. Schools want to know how explosive you are. What is your standing vertical leap and 40 time?


yea my vertical is around 27 and my 40 is about 4.75


My goal is to hopefully move to a middle linebacker spot it will probablly provide me more opportunities