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High School Football Training

Hi, I am currently going into my first year of high school and training for football. I’m a lineman (tackle and guard).

Before I get started here are my stats:
(lifts are from 7 weeks ago… body weight is current)
14 years old
185-190 lbs.
Squat: 275
Bench: 180
Deadlift: 335

I am currently doing a basic 5x5 routine that has me lifting 4 days a week, getting me used to loading/deloading and periodization. Basically all I do is squat, squat, squat, deadlift deadlift, squat and coupled with some power cleans , military presses, cg bench, and accessory work.

My question is what should my diet look like? Should I worry a lot about what I eat? I’m looking to mainly get stronger/faster/bigger/more explosive and I don’t care much about looks.

Also, once football practice starts, how should I maniuplate my GPP work… (i have a sled) should I even keep dragging? or just lessen the volume… any other suggestions would be really appreciated thanks.

You must look at what you are trying to accomplish. When you get into practices, you are really pushing your body. The practices serve as your conditioning. The sled dragging would be overkill unless you are coming off of an injury and not currently practicing(rehab). Remember that you cant make everything a priority. Something will always suffer. You use GPP to get to a certain level of fitness and then maintain that level. If you cant maintain a level of fitness during the season, something is wrong. Hope this helps. Maybe some one else can speak about nutrition, because myu advice is to use common sense, eat good foods, and eat enough to allow yourself to grow and stay healthy.

Your diet is where you can probably make the most progress, my son is is also 14 and will be a freshman next year, food is very under emphasized at your age. Eat 6-8 times a day high protein no crap and you will see a huge difference. My son has been really concentrating on proper eating for about 6 months and some of his friends have been making steroid comments. Food is a very important factor, and you can learn a lot about how to eat from this site.