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High School Conditioning


At my old high school; a 'sport day' was only once per week - you would pick what sport you wish to play at the beginning of the term and go to that sport on the given day.
Lately I've been thinking if it would be a good idea to offer 'Strength and Conditioning' as an option on a sports day for high schools in my area.

Basically it would revolve around group activities such as:
- Prowler/sled drags and pulls etc.
- Band and chain related exercises.
- Farmer walks
- Med ball throws
- Battling ropes
- Tire flips etc...

I can't help but feel that there's a good opportunity with something like this? or maybe not?

My friend's younger brother is pretty obese - doesn't run, lift weights etc. he gives up easy and doesn't ever want to do hard work. One day I brought my sled and he responded very well - being a bigger frame he found that he could move more weight and this made him feel strong, making him really enjoy it - he didn't want to stop.

Because of this I thought that there maybe other people like him - those that enjoy physical activity but find themselves bored with the usual sports on offer in high schools.

Any thoughts/ideas?


That sounds like a good idea/interesting concept and I'm sure that there would be some sort of market for that but I'm not sure how you could implement that into a public school (unless you were part of the school board or a teacher and you could suggest that to the higher ups?)

Maybe you could develop a program and pitch it to some private schools in your area and they could hire you on for those "classes".


Thanks for your comment - it really means alot to have someone like yourself having a say :slight_smile:

Do you mean to implement the program into the school's cirriculum?