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High School Booster Club

I’m on a committee looking to revive my son’s H.S. athletic booster club. The club has become somewhat inactive in the last few years. The club runs a concession stand at games and contributes for uniforms, etc, but we’re looking for things other clubs are doing (activities, fund raising, purchases for the school, etc). Appreciate any ideas/links to club websites, etc. Thanks for your help.

Our lacrosse team had a 50/50 raffle. They gave the kids X amount of tickets, to sell for 20 dollars, and all in all obtain 20grand. Then, they raffled off the 10g to the winner, and used the rest to put into paying for the lacrosse team to go away to play in tournaments in other states.

20 grand might be alot to start off with, but maybe one thousand, 5 thousand… depending on how many athletes your school has, it shouldnt be too hard to do.

Give me a couple days!!

A swimming pool.