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High School Basketball Fouls


Anyone see this?


Not all of them were "flagrant" but damn. In no particular order:

The refs were outrageously incompetent and should not be permitted to ref;
These kids have no balls. Fat fucker would have caught an ugly elbow away from the ball when I played high school ball;
Look at how the fat fuck struts around and smirks like he's the king of the roost;
My high school team would have been brawling;
The statements of "support" from his coach is outrageous - he should be teaching those kids good sportsmanship and clean play, not how to act like thugs; and,
Foul #5 should have been a flagrant and possible ejection.

Did I mention I'd elbow the fuck out of fat boy?



You talk about clean play then say you'd elbow the kid if you played against him?

Then start a fight and believe it to be a nonthuggish act?


I saw this...what the hell were the refs thinking? I liken this to hockey where the coach throws out a goon at the end of the game just to start some shit.

If I was a father I would have seriously hard time not saying or doing something (not hit the kid per se but at the very least voice my concerns about this idiot to his coach and refs)

If my son was taking the brunt of these flagrant fouls I would in no certain terms tell him if he hits you dirty you have my full permission to stand up for yourself.

The kid as you said had a smirk on his face during every foul. Disgusting espescially how he is portrayed as a "teddy bear"

Fat fuck should have gotten a taste of his own medicine....I hate bullies.


I'm surprised none of the other players on the other team stuck up for their teammate after that #5 foul. That was a bad bump.


That kid showed some real heart when he got up from that clothesline and sank the free-throw. He had to still be dazed and probably still had the breath knocked out of him.


Looked more like a chokeslam.


Fuck I give a lot of credit to some of the players for not losing their cool on those fouls
I'm small guy but had that happened to my teammates the Fat Fuck would have had it after the 3 "foul"
Whether I would have rushed his ass from off the bench and be done for the season, some times you got to make that statement


I'm amazed the bench didn't clear on the 5th one. The "Teddy Bear" would have gotten fucked up. If I were a parent, I would have been on that court handling the ref and the fucker's coach. Fuck the dumb shit.


lol at clothesline being called a hold da fuck?!


Repost from the Louisville board I also frequent:

1: You might give the benefit of the doubt if you haven't reffed these guys before.

2 and 4: I'd probably call these technicals before flagrant fouls. They seemed more like fighting/frustration moves than excessive contact fouls or intent to harm.

3, 5, and 6: These were bad, 5 in particular. I wouldn't blame a parent for coming after a player for that one, and I'm as critical as anyone when it comes to parents during these games.

All in all, clueless refs. One call like this might get away from you from time to time, but when this happens 6 times in a game, you are obviously not there. I hope this wasn't a Varsity crew, because if it was, than at least 2 of those guys were veterans, and it's inexplicable that they got that far without learning how to control a game.


Haha...well, I think I did see him hold the kid's face as he was riding it down to the ground, so I guess it might have been somewhat correct.


guess you never played ball. yes, I'd retaliate against a dirty foul.


It's not an issue of "controlling the game". The game was never out of control. You lose control of a game when teams are sparring. The other team did not retaliate.

Those fucktard (can't believed I used that expression) refs are either complicit or incompetent and neither is acceptable. There's just no way under any reasonable judgment and experience that foul 5 is not a flagrant and, if you to consider his previous fouls, an ejection.

Those kids didn't look very skilled so it COULD have been a JV game but that is still no excuse.

I don't know about getting involved as a parent but I'd be pretty fucking vocal. And I'd fully expect my son to retaliate - he'd face no discipline from me.


Well that's a good thing. Had that been my kid getting slammed I would have lost my fucking mind.


I still would have ejected you, but I probably would have slapped you on the back and given you an encouraging nod on the way out :).