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High School Bans Protein


Just wanted to go off on a mini rant here, get some conversation stirred here. Wondered if any of the T-Parents have witnessed the same things as I have.

I am an Athletic Training major and in my internship at a local high school I work under a Head Athletic Trainer to earn my experience hours. In a recent discussion protein supplements came up.

In the county I am interning in, protein supplements and protein bars are banned from campuses. They cannot be consumed by students on campus. Shakes OR bars.

I asked him about this, as I noticed that students CAN bring in chips and other snacks as well as purchase these and sodas from the vending machines.

His reply was that a protein shake is designed to add more protein to the diet. It is a supplement. This compared to chips which are merely a snack.

Has anyone else seen this problem at their schools? Kids can't even bring in a protein bar but the can get a Snickers from the vending machine!?

I asked why a protein shake can't be a snack, and he said "because its a supplement".

Hello? They are all food here?!


Just file this one under

'Only in America'.


Amazing...but VERY believable in America.



Damn, this pisses me off.

Hey, chips are a supplement, they are designed to add fats to the diet.

I guess they'll have to stick to cottage cheese and beef jerky then?

Oh, hey, wait, what if I drink chocolate milk, but on the sly mix in some protein, who the hell will know? Maybe I'll call it milkshake, that isn't "healthy" right?

How stupid can people get... oh, I shouldn't ask that.


Pure ignorance. Somehow the words "protein shake" mean "not natural, bodybuilder's cheating stuff, roid rage". In some people's mind it just "like one step below steroids".They just don't grasp this stuff is just food.

A buddy of mine told me that "I was looking stronger, but too bad your muscles are artificial". WTF? "Well you built them drinking protein shakes, and that's not natural."

I have decided just to not tell anyone about my "protein supplements". Just say "a chocolate bar". Eliminating the word "protein" from the vocabulary also helps.


Wow, what a country.


I am an ATC and have been for 15 years.....if that ATC that you are working under had a clue and ANY BALLS he would and should be the educator in that place and explain to the masses that protein is a macro nutrient and NEEDED and that a protein bar is usually way more healthy than chips and soda.

If he doesnt, PLEASE............when you are done, go learn from someone else


I think there is some ass-backward NCAA rule that they can only serve protein supplements with 20g of protein or less.

So a bar with 30g of protein is out.
Two bars with 15g each are ok though.

And there was something else about the % of calories from protein too, if I remember right.

I think is was 30% max. So they could serve protein powder mixed with juice. But they couldn't serve protein powder mixed with water.

Crazy right?


On a slightly related note, I saw a PSA the other night that I really liked in which little kids started out begging for lard and sugar, continued begging for heart disease and childhood and diabetes, and finally progressed to begging in that kid like way to shortened life spans.

It needs to be driven home that some of these typical dietary practices are borderline abuse, or at least neglect. Parents-- and in this case school supervisors-- constantly go to irrational lengths to protect kids from infinitesimally small risks all while ignoring the major risks which are easily in their power to control.

I would at least understand if the school TriGW mentioned banned both sups and the worst offending crap food-- even if I disagreed-- but this is another case of the ridiculous. It makes me want to just throw up my hands and quote Ivan Drago, albeit in a slightly different context. "If [they] die, [they] die."

Wow, I'm apparently cranky right now.


thats right except athletes can have them, its just that the colleges cannot PROVIDE them bars or powder over that amount


I will. Believe me, I respect the ATC field. Highly. This guy is amazing at what he does as long as it i doesn't concern anything involving strength and conditioning. Also, does not like squats in terms of building functional strength (thinks Leg Press is the way to go).

It just surprised me how he just got so anti-supplement. Oh and Gatorade is allowed post-workout. But not a protein drink.


you'd think it'd be that way.

but after school they serve hot dogs and candy at the student store as well as the numerous vending machines in the place.


I actually was told to no longer bring in my "supplements" so instead of my Metabolic Drive shakes I now have to just have beef jerky.


Problem is, someone is making money off the chips, soda, and candy in those vending machines. Also, don't the schools make something from renting the space the vending machines occupy? I could be wrong.

Kids bring their own stuff to school, especially something which carries the "supplement stigma" ('cuz folk are just plain ignernt), they aren't plugging their coin into the machines...

Perhaps if some enterprising person were to go to the school board, pitch a "health food" vending machine program including protein bars, and RTD shakes... maybe the schools would re-think their position if they could make money on the deal?


Oh of course then the whole Protein:Kidney thing came up.

I was tempted to throw in the whole Trans Fats:Heart Disease, but I got so tired of it I gave in.



absolutely ridiculous, but i would find ways around it and obviously it cannot be enforced very well.


I read this part of your sentence, and was waiting for you to say you threw your tub of Metabolic Drive at the guys head.

Anyway, this is obviously absurd, but you all know that, so I'm not going to comment any further about it.

On the bright side, I guess you could say its good that kids are actually eating protein bars/shakes to begin with.


Luckily some are drinking them. But, they will be taken away (by the ATC, or Athletic Director, etc.) and if caught again I believe the athlete recieves a pretty good punishment. It actually might involve playing time if I remember correctly, but I have to see.


Man... this is what I'm scared of. Soon they'll get creatine too. This world would be a better place if those ignorant people would just die of diabetes or heart attacks or something...

We all gotta do something and react before this problem worsens.


One would think so but with the lobbyism, things don't happen that way. In fact it's probably part of some contract with the Coca Cola Company giving funds if only their products are sold at schools etc.