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High School Assess Project


So, starting in may, our school has an "assess" project which is more or less a reason for International baccalaureate seniors to get out in may, instead of the end of june.

Many kids do bogus projects such as learning to salsa dance, and "the best stress releiving technique."

My idea is doing the effects of a healthy diet and a regular workout program. I'm going to include Americas (fat, obese, lardass) children in the mix and ways to decrease the already growing factor. I plan on making a documentary type deal, almost the opposite of SUPERSIZE ME.

I plan on taking weekly pictures of myself (and hopefully, progress) as well as bf readings, LBM calculations, overall feeling of well being (subjective, but she said it was ok.)

Any other suggestions, ideas, or thoughts?


I hope you don't have fat jealous teachers, otherwise you might as well take a swift kick to the nuts and document how blue your face turns.


If you need help with a High School Asses project, I'm your man!


How are you going to include the children in the project?

Is this going to be a "documentary" on yourself?

It seems like you're going in two directions already: Effects of working out on people who don't exercise and someone who does. Personally, I'd pick one or the other as you don't have much time to do this.


It's fucking highschool man. You did read that other people do Salsa. I doubt that ANYBODY including the teachers take it that serious.


Yeah, magnetasshole. Its fucking high school.

Ha, but no seriously no ones really taking this seriously. Its more or less a documentary type thing to show what a proper diet/exercise can do. I guess I could have a shitty diet a week before to try to get the results more drastic.

I just included fat little kids because the project is supposed to relate to ways it can help others. Some kids are doing an actual project like tutoring younger kids and such, by the way.

I just figured this would be easy since I'd be able to write the paper off the top of my head. haha.


Great point. On second thought rrjc, do something on walking. A how-to guide, perhaps.


I'm betting as long as they can come back to school sober they should be alright.


Then why did you post about it on here?


Because I figured someone would have something useful to add. Unlike yourself, who keeps polluting my thread.


My daughter read that. You owe her an apology.


Lo siento.


Alcohol? Sex? Drugs? Rock and Roll? Sounds like something worth assessing...


Aw come on vroom, admit it -- you just didn't see that last "s" in the title, so you were very disappointed when you clicked on the thread...


Shit, that's the only reason anybody clicked on this thread...

Welcome to the club buddy! :wink:


I opened this thread because I thought it said "high school asses". What a rip. I want my money back.


Me too. Where are the pictures?


Don't ask for those -- I am scared we'll get a pic of rjc's...


You dont have to worry about that