High Results after 9 Months

Little background: 38yrs old, originally had results of 315 Total 41 Free Testosterone. Started with .5ml weekly injections. After 4 mos I retested 560/65 (I hadn’t considered it before but this test was done right before I was due for another injection) My urologist suggested upping it to 1ml weekly. I have been doing 1ml for the last 5 months, and just got my results back this time I took the test Monday morning after I injected the previous Friday evening. My results were 2698/912 with Estradoil at 55. The strange thing is I have been having less energy recently and thought I was going to see a dip in my results. I have a follow up on Friday but wanted to see what insights might be on here. I’m not in love with the PA that is advising me so wanted other opinions. Thoughts on how to lower safely and maintain?

Please mention your level in units with range interval.
Your E2 at 55 is high if it is in pg/ml it should be near 20 pg/ml. Maybe you need anastrozole or you can lower you dosage to check your total T, free T and E2 levels.

Thank you. Yes, it is pg/ml