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High Reps Or Low Reps?

I hate to be a complete newb here but i have a question that im sure has been answered before but i havent had it answered for me. Alot of friends of mine talk about doing more reps with less weight for “definition” which is pretty ridiculous…by definition do they mean hypertrophy?

I also have heard that doing fewer reps with more weight is for strength gains…At the same time i have heard just the opposite for lower reps more weight…In Anthony Ellis’ e-book for hardgainers he talks about using more weight and fewer reps because it stimulates the muscles more than less weight and more reps…he states therefore faster and more mass gains. Which is correct?

Lemme clarify I do care about strength gains but im much more concerned with gaining mass…and right now im using Anthony Ellis’ program which stresses more weight less reps. P.S. I KNOW THIS IS PROBABLY A NEWB QUESTION AND I MIGHT GET FLAMED BUT PLEASE I JUST NEED SOME QUESTIONS ANSWERED EVEN IF THIS IS BASIC.

In short use them all. Do a higher rep day say 2 set 15-20, mid 4-5 sets 6-10, and low rep 8-10 sets of 3. etc.

Your friends are mislead in the high rep to be definded BS.

Do some search and reading here. If its lower rep higher weight in specific you are looking for reading on Try some Chad Waterbury stuff etc.

Author Search in the library <----

Yeah, what Phill said. The articles by Chad Waterbury will help you look into this.

In particular, he had one that talked about rep ranges and what they tend towards accomplishing.

Heck, Chad is even a proponent of using very high rep ranges for recovery purposes.

Do some reading…