High Reps on Last Set, Recalculate TM?

If i am on the 5s week and i can get more then 20reps on the last set, should i recalculate my TM ? The same when i am going for jokers and can get like 8 joker sets after my AMRAP ?

Would you stick to the TM and wait untl you can barely hit your numbers ? Or is an adaptation ok, cause the the book says you should be patient.

Your TM should be 85-90%of your real or estimated max.

i started from a layoff due to injury, and estimated it , but it seems it was a bit too low. should i go for a testing week ? or maybe go for one or two bigger jumps next cycle?

We have the 7th Week Protocol or you can just retest. Whatever works best for you. Remember that injuries require an amazing amount of time to heal. So just because you did 20 reps on a set doesn’t mean you should increase the TM. I didn’t know you had an injury so that makes a big difference.

If you are making progress and coming back from an injury - why change?

I will also add… The weight catches up to you more quickly than you expect. No one ever got worse from doing a set of 20, and next thing you know you will be on cycle 12 and it will be heavy as shit

My vote is to stay the course, or maybe jump ahead 1-2 cycles. Dont make any HUGE changes though

Jim, What is this 7th week tm testing? Tm for max reps?


Yes, it can be that. We do this as a way of knowing the TM and if one has the “right” to move on. Since we often use this as a deload week OR a test week, it kind of depends on what you use it for. Most of the time we do it for a set amount of reps: 5 being the usual goal for most lifts.

As you know, after you do the program for awhile, the TM becomes less relevant to your actual max. The most progress in our weight room comes from people using at the most, 85% TM. Especially once they’ve been training for awhile and know how to push PR sets and know bar speed for their supplemental work.

It’s a nice balance between stupid and smart.

Jim. If you use this week as a deload, do you just work up to TM for 5reps and call it a day?

Thanks Jim. Sami 84 i would say it would either be a deload or tm for max reps aiming for 5, if the weight feels heavy and your grinding and not making the 5 reps it is time to go back 3 or back 2 depending on where you are during your 1-5 cycles then probably smart to deload the week after and increase tm as per usual. Is this correct Jim?