High Reps on Front Squat? 5x10 BBB

I’m gonna start 531 BBB and thought about doing front squat as an assistance for the DL but after some quick search, it seems that the muscles required to keep one upright in the FS greatly fatigue after 3 or so reps, causing form to diminish and core is a big limiting factor in this lift.
What do you guys think? Is 5x10 front squat fine or should I just keep the normal squat for 5x10 then?

I find front squats easier to rep out than my typical low bar position. There’s a lot of variables here, including (but no excluding others) work capacity, strength, leverages, diet. If you’re just starting BBB, if just use the same movements for assistance for a time, but on opposing days e.g.
Monday: Squat 5/3/1, Deadlift 5x10
Tuesday: Bench 5/3/1, Press 5x10
(Vice Versa for Thursday/Friday)

The first change I’d make after this would be using stiff leg deadlifts/sumo/good mornings for 5x10 work as for many, high rep conventional deadlifts can hit the posterior chain too hard. Progress on any changes after running 2-3 cycles

What weight are you planning to use? I do front squats for my BBB sets and some times I’ll even do them for FSL. On my BBB cycles I’ll use somewhere between 135 to 175lbs and on FSL I’ll go 185 to 200lbs depending on the week in the cycle. It can be a bit taxing but I train my core hard and I’ll wear my belt if I feel I need it.

Either or, whichever better helps you achieve your goals. That should always be your guiding principle in any exercise selection.

There’s no reason not to do sets of 10 with front squats, just pick a weight you can handle for 10 reps.