High Repetitions for Soft Tissue Reference?

Hello, I’m looking for a book ar scientific article to use as reference for the using of high repetitions for soft tissue repair. Anyone know a book other than Science of Sports Training by Kurz? Thanks

Hmm. High repetition what? Resistance training? Mobilisation?

Maybe you’ll have more luck looking in textbooks and clinical practice guidelines and such because studies are usually done to add something helpful to the body of ,evidence not just confirm something, much of the time looking a new/emerging areas or seeking to improve current knowledge/practice. If what you are looking for is well established then try textbooks or older articles.

You can also kinda logic your way around it using a reference for the concept that loading of healing of soft and hard tissues accelerates the process. Combine this will a reference for excessive loading causing reinjury and you have your conclusion.

Should find it in here. Pretty recent as well which is nice


Wow thanks! Most textbooks go on resistence training for strength/endurance and ultrasound/laser for tissue repair. My empirical experiencen shows ultra high reps to work better than ultrasound/laser, so I wanted something to back me up hahah