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High Rep Workout Needed Please


I’m 41 years old and have been a big fan of Chad Waterbury’s workouts. I’ve done pretty much every one with good results for what I"m looking for. I’m 6’ 185lb with approx 10-12 body fat. I just want to stay in good shape. I’ve developed some horrible elbow tendinitis from trying to use “fat grips”. I’ve had multiple cortisone shots and it keeps returning. I would like to try a high rep (15-20) workout to see if that keeps it from coming back. Due to my schedule, I realistically only have 3 days to workout. Any recommendations out there?


German Volume Training. Don’t know how well that will work out with your tendonitis, but it is very simplistic and effective.


Wouldn’t high reps make the tendonitis worse?


I don’t know of anyone, other than Waterbury, who writes programs with reps in the range is you’re looking for.


Waterbury’s workout’s such as ABBH have low reps with high weight. I’m not sure if high reps will make it worse but I thought it would be worth a try since low rep/high weight keeps making it flair up.


Perfect world get a couple sessions of ART treatment or Graston for the elbow, also cut out direct arm work for a few weeks and try these…

Anyway, great template that alternates between high rep days…


This isn’t the answer you are looking for, but I had really tough shoulder pain in a surgically repaired shoulder, and elbow pain on that same side.
I noticed that it didn’t get any better while I was on vacation for a week.
A couple weeks later, I gave my iPad to my daughter so she could use it for school. Within two weeks, my shoulder and elbow quit hurting. I was like WTF?!?
So, I took back my iPad and did some email on it for a couple days - pain was back. Since then, I only do email on a fullsize keyboard, and I’m pain free.


I’ve done that program in the past. I didn’t know it was here on T nation. That’s an insane program. Who knows their 24 rep max? LOL


Haha, yeah oldie but a goodie


Instead of just focusing on high rep work, restructure your entire plan for elbow health. These 13 tips, these 4 tips, and these drills should be plenty of ideas.

I’d particularly focus on forearm work, specifically moderate-to-high rep reverse curls and high-rep extensor work (even something as simple as opening the hand with rubber bands around the fingertips); intelligent triceps training (exercise choice, frequency, intensity, and volume); and neutral-grip pulling exercises.