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High-Rep Work Next Day


After reading Chad Waterbury's article "Frequency: The Key to Success", I started thinking about something that Arnold wrote in "The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding".

[I don't have the book with me, so please bare with me -- I'm trying to remember.]

I believe that Arnold felt that one of his delt heads were lagging behind. To address this, he kept a light dumbell under his bed at night and in the morning would proceed to do lateral raises (in bed on his side). It was around three or four sets (fairly high reps).

He never counted it as part of his training... in otherwords, it was supplemental.

I, like many people, want bigger and stronger biceps. So I am putting the theory of supplemental training to test.

I keep a light (25lb) barbell in my office at work. Every couple hours or so (when I have free time), I do 20-25 reps with it. Just enough for a nice pump, but I don't kill the muscle.

After a couple weeks, there has been a noticable difference in my bicep. Nothing huge, but the extra work seems to keep blood and nutrients in there. Also, stressing the bicep throughout the day forces it to rebuild stronger (I guess).

At the gym, it's business as usual. I don't count the high-rep work at all. I do heavy curls, alternating, and preachers. I don't do any high rep pump work at the gym. It's mostly in the 8-10 rep range.

Does anybody else out there want to try this with me? Let me know what your results are. Pick a lagging bodypart and go to town. Just keep track of measurements before and after.

Pick up some dumbells and bring them to work with you (if you do office work of course). If you work outside, it should be easier.

PS. Training hasn't gotten any harder since I've started doing this. My curls have started to move up, in fact.

Anyway, let me know what you think. I can't wait for Chad's [Waterbury] book. That guy is such a progressive thinker!


you mentioned Waterbury so I'm guessing you have read "100 reps to bigger muscles" if not read it

also look into powerlifters use of extra workouts... like you mentioned they are used to up work capacity/increase recover by getting blood flow to the muscles.

Just make sure your not hitting it to heavy to where it effects your time in the gym


Thanks for that article. I've posted it here for others:

Yes, I just read it [100 Reps to Bigger Muscles]. That's exactly what I am talking about.

Yes, I believe that pumping a little extra blood and nutrients into the muscle each day can make a big difference.

Is anybody else doing this, currently (or has done it in the past)?


When I was rehabbing my lower back, I would work it everyday and it made a huge difference to my progress. Everyday, whether I was working out or not, I would do 3 x 10 unweighted back extentions in the morning and 3 x 10 unweighted reverse hypers at night. Not much, but over a month, that extra work adds up.

The continual bloodflow also helped keep the muscles warm and flexible and helped reduce swelling and stiffness. In fact, I've just started doing this again in conjunction with my heavy back days. Recovery time is much improved.


FWIW When I used to be a swimmer (about 20 years ago), after our swim workout, we did tricep pressdowns and some overhead bar work. High reps starting at 25 and moving up to 50 before we upped the weight. It made my swim times drop dramatically. We did this after swim workout every day.

I knew when I got a good workout from this, because it hurt to carry my gym bag to the car.


Are you incorporating any high-rep supplemental training on your off-days?

So far, I've heard nothing but good things from people about this. Like I said, in only a few short weeks, I'm starting to see progress in my biceps (and my forearm size, too).

I imagine diet plays a critical key in this as well. Five or six small meals (high in protein) are very important in order to take advantage of the pump in the muscle.

I'm going to keep doing this for another two weeks, before switching to another small muscle group.

Anybody else have a story about supplemental high-rep training and any benefits (or problems) they had?