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High Rep, Lower Weight Training


Ive been training with heavy weights 5-10 reps. My progress has stalled and im thinking of switching to higher reps and a little lower weight. Does anyone believe this will help?


Stalled in what way? Not putting on muscle or not adding more to the bar?

I would throw in a week of high rep then maybe go back to lower reps.
That could be just me I prefer to train lower reps...also changing the routine you are using could be an idea.


what do you mean by stalled? how long have you been stuck at the same weights? If it's been one week that is not stalled...

Try eating more and see if that helps which is usually the case....if you are still stuck than switch out all the stalled exercises...

Also, you could always try heavy weights and high reps...I think that is the best method...It's the ronnie coleman method


[quote]rock27 wrote:
Stalled in what way? Not putting on muscle or not adding more to the bar?

Not getting stronger, but i have been working out the same way for about a year and a half.


Heavy relative to you and the general public, not to ronnie.


What are you eating?


I know i'm just joking lol...

Ronnie has repeatedly said that's how he trains though "heavy weight and high reps"...

i think what he means by that is he lifts as heavy as he can for high reps...

heavy itself is a relative term...I lift as heavy as I can in the 7-12 rep range as I find that works best for most people including myself...


I really dont have a diet because its too expensive for me right now.


I was doing 7-12 reps, I was going to try 15-20 with as heavy as I could go.


Lol, what?


Lol, apparently the OP doesn't eat at all, he can't afford it.

If you can't afford calories, you can't afford muscle.


His money must be going to that call-girl in his avatar :wink:


how can you go heavy for 10 reps?


Every time I see clip post I think of that thread where he claimed to be pressing 140lb DBs for 10 reps at 5'11 175(his profile says 145's now, woo!) and how it's a)complete bullshit(very likely) or b) he's a ridiculous freak that is wasting some of the best strength potential on this planet because he is the intellectual equivalent of play-doh.


You fail on the 10th or 11th rep.


You know what I mean....


If you choose not to believe me then thats on you. My profile always said 145's. Everyone in my gym knows about me so its no bullshit. As for me wasting it, I dont see how. Im not interested in competing in powerlifting, not saying I ever wont, but for now I just do it because its fun.

But im here for advice on my reps, not to start an e-argument on how much I can or cant lift. On this particular thread im here to learn and not argue.


thats not heavy though.

heavy is you fail on the 3rd rep.

10 reps is on the very edge of "moderate" reps. anything over 10 and you're pretty much training for a pump.


"Heavy" is relative to the rep range. Heavy for 10 reps means that you fail at the 10th, maybe the 11th rep.


o rly?

heavy is relative to the amount of reps your able to get.

you cant lift heavy for 25 reps, regardless of if you fail at the 25th rep.

you can lift heavy for a few reps, because its HEAVY. if it wasnt heavy, you could lift it easily. heavy is a term to describe your ability to lift something ONCE and the ease or lack there of with which you do it.

i guess you missed that day of weights 101?