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High Rep Deadlifts

Thoughts on high rep(15+) deadlifts as a muscle building tool?I think my glutes are holding my lifts back and wanna bring them up
If so which variation would you suggest?

ı wouldn’t but deficit sumo.


Or sumo block pulls. IMO GHR would probably work better though.

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Using high rep deadlifts to cure a glute weakness is like using an ICBM to cure a termite problem.

I’d look more into kettlebell swings personally. At least dimel deads if you’re set on deadlifts.


If you’re looking to bring your glutes up I’d suggest KB swings as a finisher or BB glute bridges as an accessory.

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If you want a deadlift variation that’ll hammer your glutes and help with lockout issues, check out banded Romanian deadlifts.

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Greek gym

Pick one

Actually it’s not that I wanna specifically use deadlift.I just wanna add some size and strength to my glutes

I think that my gym’s keltbells go up only to 40 pounds or so but then again that’s enough weight if I use it as a finisher I guess

In that case, check out hip thrusters and many Bret Contreras articles.

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