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High-Rep Deadlifts


Anyone ever do this? I hated the deadlift with a passion because I could never quite get my back straight. It was improving with the advice of a 600lbs+ deadlifter at my gym, but i decided to try 8 to 10 rep range on them instead of the usual low rep most people say to do. At least with the sumo and rdl deads I feel it wayyyyyy better in my hammies.


Hahahaha T-Nation should have a "Like" button the way Facebook does. Recovery must be a bitch.

Awesome bro, let us know the results.


it depends on your goals. Low-rep GMs help with the squat, high rep promotes hypertrophy.
Google Sadiv Deadlifts


Can you tell me what's wrong here?


Dude should listen to a guy who deadlifts


I keep meaning to experiment with these. Definitely seems like a solid way to get a high volume of work done with quality reps.

^^^ Very much worth repeating. I've said many times before, learning face-to-face from someone more experienced will trump Internet advice nine times out of ten. Okay, maybe eight times out of ten, but still...

Mike Mahler, Wendler, and Ferruggia (and a handful of other coaches) have all spoken highly of the benefits of higher rep (anywhere from 8-20) deadlifting. If you do the reps deadstop style (standing and resetting grip between each rep, basically treating them like a bunch of singles), you should be able to minimize any potential increased risk of injury.

However, Texas Man, I double-checked your sumo DL form thread from a few months ago and I suggest you focus on technique even more (depending on how you've improved since that vid.) It looked like you were using almost no leg drive. I know you've said you have a knee injury right now, so I'm not sure what you'll be able to handle.


Was gonna say the same thing.

I love(/hate) higher-rep deadlifts... but i don't have a 600lb dead. If your goal is to improve your pulling power, you have a golden source there, and from what you're saying, he's willing to help. If you're going against his suggestion with your high-rep experiment, he might not wanna help anymore....

But as always, if doing higher rep deads, remember to reset neutral spine etc between pulls. If form goes to shit, stop the set.


I couldn't agree more. I take in high regard what I read on this forum since I discovered it. However, I'm fortunate of knowing and have the opportunity to socialize and pick the brain of the best local BB and his coach.

Combining both information you find yourself with feedback from a much more experienced person (experienced and has the results to back that experience up), AND if one is willing to listen, there really isn't much room for error.

If anything, you can have a very informative and enjoyable talk with someone that has that much to offer and understand what he's talking about.


The guy actually was the one that recommend it, but wanted me to ask here before it became permanent. He has friends who pull for reps in sumo but he hadn't seen them since college. And my knees thing so far dead lifting hadn't bothered it that much. I'll a course use caution.


true story-> nearly tore my left hamstring squatting once, was still able to sumo deadlift till it got better, even though i couldnt walk up stairs without pain


Knees shouldn't hurt deadlifting. If they do, you are probably lowering the weight to the ground slowly. I'm sure the other people in your gym appreciate the lack of noise, but that is bad form and extremely tough on knees and lower back. No one who deadlifts heavy lowers the weight slow/controlled.


It's actually only one knee
I had an injury with a burgarlery with a crow bar hitting my knee, and the pain is only a tinge on deadlifts.
Squats however.....


Some times I drop set deadlifts using various grips. Maybe a couple weeks every few months as opposed to lifting heavy in my normal routine. Breaks plateus like a hot knife through butter.


Yeah, knees take pressure on eccentric portions of lifts... can hurt on squat, shouldn't on deads.


ok, now you have to tell us about this burglary


Look up my thread on pre exhausting the medial delt before presses. It explains the whole thing.


I do around 10 reps in the deadlift. I add 2 kg every workout and when I come to a point where I can't do 5 reps i reset (take weight off) and start from 10 reps again. I used to do mostly singles so this did wonders for my hypertrophy.


I do (did, as I cant DL or SQ for now) 531 DL with a 8-15 rep finisher with first work set (~65% Tmax) poundage, they hit the spot!