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High Rep Clean & Press the Ultimate Conditioning Exercise?


I was wonderign what you guys think of this.


i would probly say so.

i'm sure others will have different ideas, but if i had to pick only one exercise to do all the time, and my primary goal was overall conditioning, then yeah, the C&J done with different set/rep schemes would probly be it.


well doing high rep clean and press is an insane conditioning exercise. Its definitely a good choice but it all depends on your goals. I think if you had to pick one exercise for the rest of your life for conditioning then clean and press would be a good one



I thought so as well. It is about the most real life applicable exercise I know of and it teaches your entire body to work as a whole. So your essentially conditioning every nearly muscle of your body.


It's a very beasty thing to do for reps...



Yea, I wonder if there's any literature on how something like this would affect the CNS.

Complexes are definitely up there too...


We should set up a 185lb clean and press for reps challenge. I'm only about 175lbs right now, so If I could get over 10 I'd be stoked, haha.




I'd have to practice for a while cause I usually just do 135x10 as part of a conditioning circuit.... so 4 or 5 rounds of that but havent been going any higher than that since I was playing college ball.



What would be the rules? Bar has to touch the ground between reps, Has to reach full lockout overhead and hands cannot come off the bar during the set? Let's get our heads together, figure out the rules and get some vids up! I haven't done these in a long time, so even 10 might be really optimistic, haha.


I think that sounds good. Bar has to touch the ground, has to be locked out without a split stance and cant leave your hands. also only a reasonable amount of time between reps is allowed. No sitting there for 2 minutes to catch your breath.



Possibly the following(?):

-Bar has to touch the ground between reps
-Bar can't leave hands except for a quick re-grip between reps
-No spider legging when catching the bar
-Must be completely locked out over-head
-and no more than a ~10 sec breather, and thats ONLY for your last rep

That sound good?


What about weight classes?


possibly something simple like over or above 200 or 220, or something?


I like that, only I vote to keep hands "glued" to the bar. Would make it harder. Also, Greg said to catch in a split stance. That makes it harder for me, so I vote no, haha. But I do like the "no spider legging". When we all reach agreement on the rules we need to get on this shit! Everybody throw in their ideas and we're bound to come to some sort of agreement.


Maybe we can get a tally on how many are down and figure it out from there? Like if all of y'all are over 2 bills and I strut in at my ultra massive 175 y'all will be at a clear disadvantage...


what I ment was you could catch in a split stance if you want to but would have to step your feet together to end in a normal press. A straight split stance catch wouldnt count.... thats what I meant.

EDIT: I took a page out of alphas log and took the crossift workout "Fran" and used that as my warm up and then again as a finisher.... I will say this.... "thrusters" are a really savage conditioning exercise!



Gotcha. Let's all settle on the rules and get this party started!


Why does leg placement really matter? I can't see how it's going to save anyone from collapsing from fatigue. I'm 216 at the moment.

Also, we should allow a jerk instead of a press. Remember that's why the press was removed from the olympics in the early 70s, because it was too hard to judge and caused too many problems.


I wasn't thinking strict press. I'm definitely voting for leg drive. I doubt I can even strict press 185 for a single. It's been a while since I've done 'em but I can push press it several times fairly easily. So yeas, definitely a go on the leg drive.