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High Rep Band Workouts While Recovering After Tooth Extraction?

Hi, I’m currently shortly after wisdom tooth removal and wonder about doing some meintenance, low stress, high reps workouts with bands for a week (till stiches removal).

I could take it easy and just wait it out but the thing is start bulking 4 weeks ago and I haven’t accumulate any significant fatigue that would justify deload in normal circumstances…and also am stimulus junkie so there’s that.

So to put it short, I wanna do something unless it interferes with recovery and bands come to mind. What You Guys think?

Should ask ur dentist/surgeon specifically because the recommendations can vary as to when to return to full activity. Probs at least a week off.

Bands won’t do shit because you’ll still need to keep it chill post op for a week. You can spike ur blood pressure with a barbell, bands or bodyweight.

It’s not the best case gains wise if you haven’t earned the deload but I’d just take the week (or however long ur health professional advises) off and hit the next block harder with dissipated fatigue.

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After i got my wisdom teeth out my Dr. told me not to do physical activity. However, I knew what my limits were.

During my recovery I did band curls, face pulls, incline push-ups, a few easy ab exercises and band overhead presses. I turned out fine but everyone is different. Just know your limits.

I set a squat PR 3 hours after having one of mine removed. Your mileage may vary.


Two days after mine came out I did 10x10 of power cleans then went and played tackle football with my friends.

I spit out some blood playing ball but was fine overall.

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