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High Rep Accumulation Block for Bench

Has any one ran a 4 to 6 week block for bench of super high reps, thinking about some like 3 sets of 20 on bench and overhead press two separate days, and keep pushing the weight and reps, so if I can do more than 20 add 5 pounds, and if not just keep rolling with it until I hit more, Planning on doing bodybuilding style assistance, High volume, medium intensity

Training history
575 deadlift
535 low bar
340 bench

Age 19 Playing a college sport right now
19 percent body fat on dexa scan, 16 on calipers,

Notes: Am hoping that this cycle will add some mass onto upper body, I have very long arms that make my leverages for bench terrible, Advice or critism of any kind is welcome

I wouldn’t do the entire block with reps of 20. By the end, I’d be looking at sets or 8.

What about 1 lower rep, heavier set first. This would keep you “on track” with heavier weights and good technique.

Then you could hit your high rep sets, like back-off style, afterwards. The back offs will be better, after the heavy work, because of Post Activation Potentiation. If you believe in sciences.

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I don’t know if I should even dare to respond,I only bench 270-280,but what the heck?

I guess your goal is a bigger 1rm on the bench.Then why getting completely away from heavy benching?

I think you’d be way better off doing a heavy set of 3-5 reps followed either by back off work(sets of 15-20) or high rep dumbbell press

I bet 5 sets of 10 would be better. Anyway, it’s more proven. Go with 40-60% and either progress by shortening rest intervals or weight on the bar. You could even do this after some heavier sets if you don’t push them too hard. Shortening rest intervals will help with GPP and will help give you more steam to endure the next block.

George Leeman based his big lift training around that idea and. One all-out set where you aim for 20 reps and add weight each workout and 3-5 20-rep sets of assistance work where you also add weight each workout. I saw some insane results in back and shoulder size and bench and press strength.

Better off working up to a one heavy set of 3-5 reps and adding a down set of 20 at a weight you can hit for 20.

What I did the past couple workouts is went up to 295 for 2 and crushed it as a primer and started at 205 did sets of 20 decently easy, then the next workout I did 225 for 20 pretty easy, then today i did 235 for 20 and it has decently hard but I can tell my body is getting better at them, followed it up with 10 to 14 sets of high volume rows and pull ups, then a trip set of a curl, a pressdown, and then some lateral raises, really like this set up might roll with it for 6 weeks, after the six weeks are up ill update with results

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