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High Red Blood Count


I gave blood for the third time this year and it's still high. The girl looked at me today and said" I never seen it this high" I ask how high and she said 20.1. She left and came back and finished the screening.

I was taken off test by my Doc in January because it was 19.7. I stayed off for 4 weeks "the worst three weeks of my life" and in came back down to 17.6

Does anyone know what is the danger level? These past eight weeks I have skipped a week twice and I have cut back to 80 mg a week. I have to drive 30 miles just to give blood and it's the only one in that town.

What a guy to do, cut his wrist once a month?????



Donate blood regularly if you're not already doing so.


I self-phlebotomise.

Seriously. 500ml of blood whenever I feel the appropriate symptoms; high BP, red, itchy skin after a shower, breathlessness whilst lying on my front, distended liver, a particular type of insomnia.



I need to figure something out, I think 20.1 is to high. When I'm pushing myself hard in training I don't need to think about stroking out