High Quality Sugar-Free Carb Source

Hey guys i am looking for a carb source to put into my shakes, something sugar-free or very low in sugar that is easy to digest and nutritious. I have used powdered oats but i think i am either gluten or avinin sensitive. Right now i am using brown rice flour but it seems to cause heartburn for me and stomach upset (this may not be the case for others, i have a sensitive stomach).

I was thinking, non-gmo organic potato starch (but i cannot find any), or sprouted brown rice flour. However nothing i can find in a powdered form or liquid for that matter fits the category of low in simple sugar, high carb with some nutritional perk, and easily digestible.

I may be asking for something that does not exist, or maybe you know of something. Thanks in advance.

why not just chew your carbs…

man this question again haha. i hate writing this all over the forums and like to keep it brief. I have a stomach condition that at this moment doesn’t allow me to eat more than 1 small meal a day of solid food, and in times like this when i am in particularly bad shape, no solid food at all.

That sounds horrible dude…there is potato starch out there if you look for it…

i remember when i used to wonder “how can i diet and lose weight, well… my biggest obstacle is controlling appetite” now i have mastered mind over appetite control. I am still hungry even when i go a week without a meal and just do liquids, but you get very good at functioning in that state, just like you get good at functioning at a high level of pain.

And to clarify i don’t need to lose wiehgt haha, i’ll often drop 5lb a week of muscle and fat if i am not careful. Probably sitting around 7% body fat

Finibars are pretty easy on the stomach. Have you ever tried those? If so, like Facko mentioned, you can find potato starch on line. Either Google or Amazon search “potato starch carbohydrate” or something like that.


If you have a medical condition, you could try Absorb Plus It’s the easiest think to digest. It was invented by a girl that had severe Crohn’s/Colitis issues. My wife has colitis and always has a stack on hand. When she gets into a flare and can’t eat any solid for days, Absob Plus always saves the day. Juts Google Absorb Plus. Only sold on her website.