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High Pull or Carries in Power Look Program?


Hey Coach Thibaudeau!

I am doing your 915 workout program with great results now. I like having the snatch high pull from hang in my workout program, and also keg carries as well, which drew me to 915. I want to run your Complete Power Look program after this, but I also want to incorporate these two techniques in somewhere. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Keep up the great work and thank you for everything!


Make the snatch grip high pull and the carries your two main assistance exercises for the deadlift


Sounds good! Thanks for the very fast reply. Hope all is well with you =)


BTW if you train carries for strength shoot for 10-50 meters… with 30 being what I use most of the time… for hypertorphy 50 - 80m with 60m being the most often used distance