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High Pull Height and Hitting the Throat


Hi CT and everyone else!

Thank you CT for all the information you have provided over the years. You have hugely influenced the way I train today. After I learned how to do high pull properly, it has become my favorite exercise.

Now there has been lately an issue with it: I constantly pull too fast/high and end up hitting my throat with the bar. I hit the lower part of my throat. Does this simply mean I'm using too light weights? Or might there be some other issues? I think you advised us to pull the bar towards the neck, perhaps I have done it too literally :slight_smile:

Has anyone else has these problems?

I'm soon considering having a pad on my throat if this habit continues :slight_smile:


Not CT, but I would like to see a video of you performing the pull. What grip are you using? Snatch or clean? In my experience, there is no way I could high pull my 1, 2, or even 3 rep max weight into my throat. The goal is to typically break the nipple line. I would be interested in what CT thinks.


This is likely creating too much momentm (weight too light for the effort) or more likely pulling too much backwards at the top OR bringing the head and chest foreward at the end of the movement.


Thank you CT for your response. It was actually easy to fix my form. Problem was your third suggestion, bringing the head and chest forward. As soon as I realised it was the issue, my problem was solved. I think what I used to do was quite close to Chinese pull.

Mateus, I have used snatch grip (lately started to introduce clean grip as well). I haven't pulled 1/2/3 RM into my throat but the problem was usually with 90/80 % weights.


Man alive, if you're cranking 90% of a 1RM up to your throat that's gotta be too light. Around nip line is the target.