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High Pull from Hang (Video)


Did some highpulls yesterday. I think i can use my hips a lot more. Do you have any otherpointers Ct?


Don't think about the hips too much, you will punch them too far forward and it will propel the far forward instead of straight up.

Right now you should not do rhythmic reps (going bang bang bang without resetting) because your technique is not good enough. Do each rep individually.

Start with the bar in the power position (hip pocket), knees slightly bent with the chest rocked up and the lats tight. Shoulders, bar and heel aligned.

From there, lower the bar to the hang position (just above knees) by doing a hip hinge, not knee bend.

Then in one fluid movement bring the bar back to the power position (same as mentioned above) and as soon as the bar reaches the hip pocket with the shoulders above the bar and the knees still slightly bent, explode up with the quads and back.


You do not fully extend your legs at all at the moment of explosion.

In the power position your shoulders are in front of the bar, they should be in line with the bar.


Thanks! I really appreciate it. A lot to work on but i will get it done!


On the positive side you have the explosiveness down, which is the hardest part for most.


Wow CT... Your tips and advice are invaluable. You have totally been motivating my training for years! Thanks man.


I am an inspiration :wink:


CT, Am i on right track?