High Pull Every Day

A bit of a spin off from doing back squats every day, I do not have access to a squat rack so I was thinking of accelerating my power training by doing a pulls combo almost every day.
So simply put, I have a 45kg bar and some smaller weights, so it is far too light for front squats, and the lack of 10kg plates means I can’t really ramp.

To make use of what I have I was thinking of doing this:
warm up with a few sets of clean pulls
3x3 high clean pulls
3x3 high snatch pulls

At the moment I would high pull every 2nd or 3rd day. I think the intensity will not be too bad, does anyone see anything wrong with this?

why do high pulls instead of power cleans / snatches??

but then why do power cleans / snatches instead of full cleans / snatches??

(this is the oly forum after all)


i agree with alexus. if you’re not a weightlifter and have no interest in learning the full lifts, why not at least do power cleans/power snatches everyday? you’re going to be doing it everyday, so you might as well at least become good something that has meaning. i’m sure you’ll see greater benefits from actually learning to catch the weight anyway, rather than simply pulling it.

Well, I never seem to generate as much power when I do the power variations. I can catch that weight fine, so I do not need to practice catching. I do not think I could power snatch 45kg with good form without any warm ups, but as I get faster, I could progress toward power snatching.

eg weeks 1-4
warm up with a few sets of clean pulls
3x3 high clean pulls
3x3 high snatch pulls

eg weeks 5-8
warm up with a few sets of clean pulls
2x3 high clean pulls
2x3 high snatch pulls
2x3 power snatch

eg weeks 9-12
warm up with a few sets of clean pulls
1x3 high clean pulls
1x3 high snatch pulls
4x3 power snatch

and keep progressing from there… until I can easily power snatch 45kg and just do lots of singles and triples throughout the day when ever I am around the bar.

how do you know you’re not generating as much power? i’d wager that doing a power snatch is gonna create more power than doing a high snatch pull.

i personally see no real purpose in doing high pulls. you might find when doing your high pulls that you’re pulling a weight 10 or 20kg higher than your snatch pr to a height that means you SHOULD be able to snatch it, but, when you actually try to catch it, there’s not a chance in hell. there’s just something to be said for actually catching the weight, it’s a whole different animal. i know you said it’s not an issue for you, but i’m just saying.

anyway, if all you’re after is increasing your power, then by all means go for it. i still say that you’d generate more power and get more benefit from doing as many solid repetitions as possible with 90-95% of your power snatch pr, and attempting to increase your poundages though.

Heh, doing pulls every single day, even though they are light, is really taking a toll on me. My upper and middle back is tight as hell and isn’t recovering fast enough, so I am skipping a day every now and then.

Your legs are like that but you can’t Sn 45kg? You do realise you have to some warm ups with just the bar before you start going full pelt right?!

I always do some reps with the bar and dynamic stretching before that before I start tearing up on the bar.

Learn to PS 45kg, it’s light, your back is probably tight as your pulling with your arms. When you pull, you pull with your hips, it’s not really a pull, but a drive but it’s called a pull. The bar goes up due to your hips opening up and you keeping the bar close, not your arms pulling the bar up. The bar will not go up higher with your arms when there is a lot of weight on the bar.