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High Pull Day

is there a high pull day laid out in here somewhere? thanks guys

If you are following the “Layer System” then you simply do the layout with the Snatch Grip High Pull just like any other day.

ie - Ramp to Max/ Clusters @ 90%/ HDL (54321, Hard 5’s, or Extended Sets)

Other than that there really isnt a “high pull day” you just plug into any other program or do at random, its part of a larger system.

thanks Lonnie

@Lonnie aka the silver ace man: when high pulling clusters when do we shut it down for the first part of the set? When we start losing explosiveness…or lose bar height below chest? Then my second question would be when do we end the set on the second half… Again when explosiveness and bar height is sub par? Had a session tonight and was trying to figure it out.

Stop when the rep or reps don’t feel the same as the previous. You’re looking for technically sound reps that you don’t have to psyque yourself up too much to get.

@Sput: Thank you kind Sir.

Also I noticed in terms of technique with High Pulls it is possible to have too much explosion with the legs when first learning the movement. I was using way too much power and not “feeling” the lift properly. Something to keep in mind.

You’re welcome…I asked CT for his cue earlier & it is to get your chest facing the ceiling as fast as possible…had my best SGHP session ever after that being my focus!