High Pull Blitz & Snatch Follow-Up Program

Dear Christian,

I just finished the High Pull Blitz training for weeks & came out with a strong increase of my high pull max!
What I also see is a solid & sustainable increase of my power snatch max. For the high pull doubles in your program I did 1xSGHP & 1xP.SN, until I couldnt do the snatches any more and then shifted to 2xSGHP, following your heavy & very heavy days.
So, SGHP 1RM from 70kg to 90kg & P.SN 1RM (albeit always after one initial sghp) from 55kg to 60kg.
(Yes, probably some technical issues here, the ratio of the two maxes seems to be somewhat off).
Nevertheless, I would highly appreciate your opinion & advise on how to continue regarding my SN training. Having gotten to 60kg is a big achievement for me & I wouldnt want to “lose” that momentum.
So what would you recommend as a training program to build on that new 1RM in the power snatch?
Basically, I really like your programs that focus on low reps & training rather more often per week (Russian strength skill, strength skill circuits and the like).
Highly appreciate your response & your time! All the best, Christoph