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High Pull Blitz Questions

Just had a few questions about how you planned this out.

If I’m understanding things right, intensity-wise it looks like Monday and Friday are both Heavy (90-92%), Wednesday is Medium (75-85%). Load-wise, Monday and Wednesday is about the same, and Friday is double that.

  1. Do you think you might have gotten more out of it by adding a bit more volume to Monday and Wednesday’s work sets? Something like 8 singles on Monday, and 10x2 on Wednesday. Or did you keep the volume a bit lower because of the overload days?

  2. Did you increase the load on Friday to use the weekend to get some supercompensation by Monday? (Especially since Saturday wasn’t going to push you any deeper into the hole.)

  3. When you hit your new max, how many days did you wait after you finished the program before the attempt?

  4. If you were to do this again, is there anything you would change?

Thanks for any answers. Just trying to make some sense of things.