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High Pull and Snatch Performance

Dear coach Thibs,

For a couple of weeks, I have been thinking about the use of the power snatch (from hang and/or blocks) and the high pull (from hang and/or blocks) performance training.
To be exact, I am an martial artist who is looking for a way to improve my strenght and power (especially hips), while looking jacked to booth :slight_smile:

A couple of questions arose in my mind:

  1. which of the two will lead to better power development(power as p=Fd/time)?
    The power snatch travels father, but won’t the high pull allow more force to be generated?

  2. which one will have a better influence on the shoulders?
    I recall a article from you wherein you mention power snatches were great for your shoulders because of the powerfull external rotation.

  3. exept for the mobility and external rotator work, are their benefits to the snatch which makes them worth not dropping them and only doing high pulls.

  4. in case I practice both, won’t the high pull mess with the snatch mechanics anc make the snatch therefore harder, or am I now talking Olympics caliber athletes.
    Should I go for a all-high pull, no snatch aproach, or should the high pull rule alone?

Thanks in advance for your time.