High protein side effect

I’m just curious for those of you who consume 400 grams of protein/more a day. Do you seem to experiance a surplus of wicked/sulfury gas? Yeah this is a somewhat grimey topic, but I’m sure most of you will agree it’s timid in compared to the typical dribble I post.

Depends on what kind of protein you take in.  I used to take in a lot of egg protein, and when I did that, yes is the answer.  Now I take in mainly whey and red meat.  Not so bad now.  Another thing that is suggested to cut down on flatulence is Green Tea.  Not extract, but the drink.

Your digestive tract will adjust with time to the raised protein. If you want a little bump try to get a digestive aid.

Ginger helps, as well as aminogen.

Yep I found fast absorbing proteins like whey are the worst. Solid protein meat e.t.c. are fine.