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High Protein, Osteoperosis


Hi guys, my physiology teacher is preaching the most outdated nutrition info to her students. Its not even a nutrition class but she feels she is knowledgable in this area. I cannot find any reliable sources to refute her claim that high protein diets increase risk of osteoporosis. Do any of you guys have an article or study i can present?


You didn't look very hard.

I searched " "high protein diet" and osteoporosis " on Google Scholar.

"Despite a widely held belief that high-protein diets (especially
diets high in animal protein) result in bone resorption and increased urinary calcium, higher protein diets are actually associated with greater bone mass and fewer fractures when calcium
intake is adequate."

"On the basis of recent findings, consuming protein (including that from meat) higher than current Recommended Dietary Allowance for protein is beneficial to calcium utilization and bone health, especially in the elderly. A high-protein diet with adequate calcium and fruits and vegetables is important for bone health and osteoporosis prevention."

"Among 946 participants (mean age 75 years), mean
protein intake was found to be 68 gm/d. Increased protein
intake was associated with a decreased risk of hip fracture
compared to those in the lowest quartile of protein intake"


I have never used google scholar. I'll keep that in mind, Thanks for your patience.