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High Protein Intake, Low Carb. Why?

How many of you eat less than 150g of protein per day?

I don’t have any kidney issues, as tested by the doctor, but ate at least 1g/lb/day (~230g). I could never feel/get hydrated and at night would wake up ~5 times to drink water and take a piss. I don’t think my body could keep up with all the ammonia flushing out. I felt like shit.

Now, I eat maybe 100-150g. I actually feel hydrated now and can actually sleep through the night without that horrible vicious cycle. I feel great.

So where did this ‘you must have high protein intake for any gainz’ come from anyway? Supplement companies?

Also, I don’t understand low carb. Studies have concluded that testosterone is highest when your carb intake is twice your protein intake. So why would you want to promote lower testosterone even on a diet???

A lot of what I see people regurgitating on any forum doesn’t seem like good advice. Even from the gurus…

The rule of thumb for protein is .8-1.2 g/lb, so for a 180 lb man, 150 should be fine. We all fall somewhere on a bell curve, so if you are seeing the gains you want w/ less, all the better for you.

More protein is usually suggested on a cut just because it’s filling. Also, a lot of the tips come from geared up folks that may utilize protein differently (I really don’t know). Some of it is also trial and error that people found what works for them an suggest it for others; I notice the guys w/ more of a BBing focus tend to be higher.

Low carb is suggested for different reasons. Fat/formerly fat people may not process the carbs as well as a normal person, so more of it ends up as fat. Some people try to avoid the insulin spike associated with carb consumption and its catabolic effects. Some people just prefer richer/fattier foods and control for that preference w/ less carbs. Some believe fat is an easier way to get more calories into the body. And some aren’t very active and just don’t need that many carbs.

Here’s why for me:

In April 2011 I was 168 lb with 19% BF.
Started strict Paleo diet without any calorie restriction (and a decent amount of fruit.

6 months later. 12% BF at 164.
That’s 10 pounds of fat loss with a simultaneous 6 pound gain in lean mass!

1 year later. 8.5% BF at 157 with modest gain in lean mass.
Did PN’s Scrawney to Brawney–ate clean but with a lot of carbs.
Peaked at 186 pounds, and 16.5% bodyfat.

When back to eating Paleo, with some oatmeal and white rice only only on lifting days.

Now 175 with 9.5% BF–adding about 1/2 lb lean per month while keeping waist girth stable. Feeling great.

So for me, that’s why.

Thanks for the replies. I think you guys are right in that it comes down to individual preferences/lifestyles. I see on forums (mostly bb.com) that some people say 2g/lb/day of protein taking in no consideration if the person’s lifestyle needs 2kcal or 6kcal.

FYI–I am probably pretty close to about 200g PRO/day.