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High Protein Frozen Dinner


Anyone have a recommendation for a frozen dinner that has 30-50 grams of protein and tastes OK? Want to keep a couple in the fridge at work for convenience. Right now I have 2 chicken fettucini lean cuisines which 44 grams of protein and 540 calories when I eat them both. I'd rather have one frozen meal with a higher protein content.


it doesnt exist. Believe me, as a lazy college student with little culinary ability, I've looked.

your options are:
A) 1 frozen dinner + whey shake (worse option).

B) cook some chicken breasts or cuts of beef ahead of time, put em in tupperware, and grab a bag of instant "ready rice" (or handful of almonds for the carb intolerant) and you're good to go.

If you're serious about your physique, you really should learn to cook a few chicken/beef dishes you like and can make ahead of time.


I'm actually a good cook and worked in a restaurant kitchen for 5 years. The tupperware idea is good but I'm looking for something I can leave in the work freezer for a while. There's days I rush out the house or for some reason or another don't bring enough food to work. That's when I'd love to just go in the freezer and microwave a dinner, lunch or whatever. I used to use protein bars for this but I'm gotten sick of them and hate them all at this point. I want real food.

So what I'm probably gonna do is buy a vacuum sealer and freeze some of the meals. I've read on this board that you can pop them right in the microwave and it tastes very close to freshly cooked. We'll see about that.


I just ate a Hungry Man that had something like 44g.

...heartburn though.


Frozen shrimp. Run them under water in the sink for 5 minutes to defrost.


Trader Joes has a few, specifically chicken and tilapia meals, usually with some sort of green veggies on the side. If I recall correctly, the Tilapia one had about 75g of prot in it.



Nice I'm gonna have to check that out. There's one on the way to work so I'm gonna pay it a visit. I don't like fish (except tuna salad) so I'll see what the chicken looks like.


Homemade Chilli-
Add a shit ton of minced lean beef,chicken or turkey,
kidney and pinto beans,
a shit-ton of grated veg-carrots,tomatoes,onions,celery,you can also add spinach,
it's a powerhouse of protein and vitamins/minerals,plus fibre.
You can also add powdered greens.
The chilli is good for your heart,and good for your metabolism,
If you need more calories or carbs,serve with instant rice or brown rice.
freeze in tupperware.
heat and serve.


Do you know how to make beef jerkys? Not really a real meal, more like a snack, but they can easily bump up your protein intake. And protein powder ice-cream!



I use to eat one by myself for lunch or dinner in college. Doubt I could get away with it now. 60 grams of saturated fat never tasted so good.


Thanks for the suggestions. I went to Walmart and bought the Seal-a-Meal. I grilled 8 pieces of chicken and 2 pieces of steak in the backyard. I vacuum sealed some chicken and a steak. I'm going to freeze it and see how it tastes next week. I'm going to try and seal some chili or ropa vieja next week and see how that turns out too.


Trader Joe's Chicken Gorgonzola and Chicken Pomodoro have 64-68 g protein and taste really good.


Actually, Trader Joes has several of their own Chiles. I usually get the Turkey CHile, it's about 400-500 cal a can, and easily 40-50g of protein. Just nuke the contents of the can for a few minutes, sprinkle some grated onions and cheese on top, and go to town (my dog loves when I make this -lol)



Why, do you feed it to your dog?


No because then he get's to blame his chili farts on the dog. Pets love attention.


My dog usually gets a little of whatever I'm eating, so her diet consists of (in addition to dog food), Bison, Tilapia, Oatmeal, Turkey Chile, eggs, tuna, and lots and lots of peanut butter. She's usually a very happy dog -lol.



Chilli is the TRUTH!!


As an alternative, you could make your own protein bars. After my v-diet, I am going to experiment with the recipe here: http://www.musclehack.com/homemade-protein-bar-recipe/

One change I'll probably make is substitute evaporated skim milk for heavy cream, which would cut about 100 calories by my count. As written, the recipe has ~ 40g fat, ~ 40g protein, ~ 10-12g carbs for a total of about 560 calories. My plan is to make a batch of 5 or so, shape them into bars, and store them in the fridge.